Tech News Weekly Roundup

What you missed in Tech News: June 26 – June 30!

readmore32 TB of Windows 10 internal builds and private source code leaked online.

readmorePetya ransomware is quickly spreading across the globe and hitting critical infrastructure providers.

readmoreSkype zero day allows attackers to crash systems and execute code.

readmoreSkylake, Kaby lake chips have a crash bug when hyperthreading is enabled.

readmoreResearchers say Tuesday’s outbreak of malware is a new version of Petya that wipes disks.

readmoreThe original author of Petya ransomware wants to help victims of NotPetya.

readmoreLinux machines can be hacked remotely with a malicious DNS response due to Systemd vulnerability.

readmoreWindows 10 to get build-in protection against most ransomware attacks.

readmoreOnline retailer considers password security to be optional.

readmoreDecrypting the motivations behind the malware dubbed NotPetya/ExPetr/GoldenEye

What you missed in Tech News: June 19 – June 23!

readmoreCurrent malware campaign uses UPnP to open ports through home routers.

readmoreUnix, Linux BSD and Solaris vulnerable to decade old root privilege-escalation bug.

readmoreWeb hosting service paid $1 million ransom to recover 3,400 customer websites stored on 153 servers.

readmoreWebsites found collecting data from online forms before you click submit.

readmoreHonda plant shut down after becoming victim of WannaCry ransomware.

readmoreVisitors of compromised sites were infected with malware without even clicking on link.

readmoreThe CIA developed malware to covertly hack air-gapped networks.

readmoreOpenVPN has released 4 patches for vulnerabilities that were missed in 2 security audits.

readmoreGhostHook attack bypasses Windows 10 PatchGuard protections to plant rootkits on computers.

readmoreAndroid banking malware poses as a software update to steal login credentials.

What you missed in Tech News: June 12 – June 16!

readmoreXavier malware infects 800+ Android apps in the Google Play store; steals users’ personal and financial data.

readmoreWimax routers found to contain backdoors that allow authentication bypass.

readmoreMillions of users were left vulnerable to hackers because Samsung forgot to renew a domain.

readmoreMazda cars can be hacked just by inserting a USB.

readmoreMicrosoft releases patches for older operating systems due to WannaCry attacks.

readmoreThe US government released an alert about “DeltaCharlie”, a North Korean DDoS botnet malware.

readmoreVictims of Jaff ransomware can now unlock their files for free with this decryption tool.

readmoreAdvanced CIA firmware has been infecting Wi-Fi routers since 2007.

readmoreSorebrect is a new fileless ransomware with code injection ability detected in the wild.

readmoreWannaCry ransomware attack linked to North Korean affiliated hacking team Lazarus Group.

What you missed in Tech News: June 5 – June 9!

readmoreOver 5,000 terabytes of data exposed from insecure Hadoop clusters.

readmoreHackers responsible for Jaff ransomware selling victims’ data on dark web.

readmoreEternalBlue Windows security flaw is now also being used to power Trojan malware.

readmore14 year old arrested for creating and distributing ransomware.

readmoreThis Microsoft Powerpoint hack executes malware using PowerShell commands.

readmoreThe rising value of Bitcoin and Ethereum is leading to more hacking attempts to steal them.

readmoreZusy malware installs over a simple mouseover – no clicking required.

readmoreBitcoin & Litecoin Exchange BTC-E suffers masive DDoS attacks.

readmoreFoscam cameras vulnerable to remote hacking thanks to hardcoded passwords that can’t be changed.

readmoreHackers use Intel management tools to bypass Windows firewall.

What you missed in Tech News: May 30 – June 2!

readmoreFlaw in Chrome allows sites to secretly record audio/video without your knowledge.

readmoreShadowBrokers to launch zero day subscription service that costs $21,000/month.

readmorePatients are being blackmailed after hackers stole photos and data from plastic surgery clinic.

readmore‘Lone Wolf’ criminal hacker gets doxed thanks to a series of dumb mistakes.

readmoreGoogle to add security features to Gmail including more thorough phishing analysis.

readmoreOneLogin admits to data breach that exposed customer data.

readmoreHigh-severity Linux Sudo flaw allows even low privilege users to gain full root access.

readmoreFireBall malware infects ~250 million computers worldwide, including Windows and Mac.

readmoreSears announced that Kmart has suffered its second credit card breach in three years.

readmore“Good hackers” took over a billboard to send a security warning.

What you missed in Tech News: May 22 – May 26!

readmoreNewly found malware dubbed EternalRocks uses 7 NSA hacking tools.

readmoreYahoo retired ImageMagick library after exploit leaks user email content.

readmoreHackers could tweet from any account thanks to Twitter bug.

readmoreGerman hacker collective defeated Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner a month after release.

readmore469 SSNs and info of thousands of concealed weapons holders exposed in data breach.

readmore20 members of hacking group arrested for infecting 1 million+ phones with banking trojan.

readmoreHackers can take control of devices by exploiting vulnerabilities in subtitle installation.

readmoreUnpatched bug in admin interface for OpenVPN server.

readmoreRemote code execution but in Samba exists for all versions after 3.5.0.

readmoreThousands of PCs still vulnerable to Windows unpatched “EsteemAudit” RDP exploit.

What you missed in Tech News: May 15 – May 19!

readmoreUiwix ransomware is making its rounds, having infected Windows users in 150 countries

readmoreGlobal manhunt underway for WannaCry creators.

readmoreVirulent WCry ransomware worm may have North Korea’s fingerprints on it.

readmoreData of 1.9 million customers stolen in Bell Canada hack.

readmoreChrome vulnerability allows attackers to steal user credentials and launch SMB attacks.

readmoreWannaCry Ransomware sends new message to its victims.

readmoreYou can decrypt your files without paying with this WannaCry Ransomware decryption tool.

readmoreThousands of accounts on exposed after site was hacked.

readmore11 year old demonstrated how to hack Bluetooth toys with a Raspberry Pi.

readmoreWannaCry ransomware isn’t just infecting computers but also infecting medical devices.

What you missed in Tech News: May 8 – May 12!

readmoreHacker steals millions of user account details from Education Platform Edmodo.

readmore4 unpatched flaws leave OnePlus devices vulnerable to remote attacks.

readmoreTrump signed a cybersecurity executive order.

readmoreKeylogger found in audio drives on some HP machines.

readmoreCisco has finally patched Zero Day exploit disclosed in the Wikileaks CIA leak.

readmoreMicrosoft issues emergency patch for critical RCE in Windows Malware Scanner.

readmoreDell to patch AMT-vulnerable systems.

readmoreGoogle Project Zero researchers discovered a ‘crazy bad’ Windows remote code execution flaw.

readmoreThose who downloaded Handbrake app for Apple Mac may have been infected with a Trojan.

readmoreAnti Public Combo list with billions of accounts goes on Dark Web for sale.

What you missed in Tech News: May 1 – May 5!

readmoreIBM sent of USB sticks infected with malware.

readmoreHacker leaked Season 5 of Orange is the New Black after Netflix refused to pay ransom.

readmoreHome Depot puts customers’ private data at risk.

readmoreIntel patched a security flaw that workstation and server chips harbored for the past 9 years.

readmorePhishing campaigns are getting creative to trick you into opening malicious files.

readmoreHackers are stealing money from bank accounts with SS7 attack.

readmoreNew iCloud phishing scam accesses device camera and steals Apple ID, credit card data and more.

readmoreMicrosoft Windows warning: Hackers hijacked software updater with in-memory malware.

readmoreResearchers hack industrial robots; yet another IoT disaster.

readmoreWordPress flaw that could allow hackers to reset admin password affects all versions.

What you missed in Tech News: April 24 – April 28!

readmoreTeen hacker with Asperger’s Syndrome ruined cyber infrastructure of tech giants.

readmoreIRS data breach allowed hackers to steal $30 million.

readmoreSecurity researcher claims that Samsung Smart TVs are pwnable over Wi-Fi Direct.

readmoreUS Air Force launches bug bounty program.

readmoreMicrosoft warns users not to install its latest Windows update.

readmoreResearcher claims that ‘World’s Most Secure’ email service Nomx is easily hackable.

readmoreMysterious Hajime botnet has pwned 300,000 IoT devices for unknown reasons.

readmoreTexas based online pet store exposed the details of 110,400+ customers’ credit cards.

readmoreJohn McAfee revealed plans to make the world’s most ‘hack-proof’ smartphone.

readmoreResearchers discovered a new Mac malware that spies on HTTPS traffic.

What you missed in Tech News: April 17 – April 21!

readmoreCars with vulnerable Wi-Fi dongle can be hacked via Bluetooth.

readmoreResearcher warns against phishing attack that’s almost impossible to detect on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

readmoreMicrosoft says it patched Windows flaws leaked by Shadow Brokers.

readmoreIndian hackers claim to have leaked 1.7 million Snapchat users’ data on the dark web.

readmore100M Youku accounts sold on dark web after the Chinese video service giant was hacked.

readmoreProfit with just one infection! Crook sells easy to use ransomware for $175.

readmoreMicrosoft replaces passwords with Microsoft Authenticator.

readmoreOracle released a massive patch update that fixes 299 vulnerabilities.

readmoreLinksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers have flaws that could be used to create a botnet.

readmoreResearcher finds LassPass 2 factor authentication can be disabled by an attacker.

What you missed in Tech News: April 10 – April 14!

readmoreScammers hijacked Airbnb accounts to burglarize homes.

readmoreAndroid banking Trojan hides in GooglePlay apps and is attacking 420 banks worldwide.

readmoreHackers can steal your passwords by the tilt of your phone.

readmoreNintendo is offering $20,000 to hackers to hack its newest console.

readmoreTCP/IP headers leak info about what you’re watching on Netflix.

readmoreMPs report Brexit vote site may have been hacked.

readmoreEx-employee hacked Marriot hotel reservation system to reduce room rates by 95%.

readmoreGoogle found Android app made to spy on phone calls and text messages.

readmoreCredit card data stolen after GameStop website hacked.

readmoreHackers are attacking Word users with new Microsoft Office ZeroDay vulnerability.

What you missed in Tech News: April 3 – April 7!

readmoreAnonymous hacked ISIS website to infect the site’s visitors with malware.

readmoreOver 85% of smart TVs can be hacked through broadcast signals.

readmoreWikileaks released code that could unmask CIA hacking operations.

readmorePersonal info of 95,000 job applicants stolen in McDonalds career website hack.

readmoreHackers stole $800,000 from ATMs with disappearing malware.

readmoreSecurity flaw found in newly launched Samsung Galaxy 8 facial recognition system.

readmoreA single song can hack your iPhone; update to the newest iOS to fix vulnerabilities.

readmoreGoogle just discovered Android spyware, dubbed Chrysaor, that went undetected for 3 years.

readmoreMillions of smartphones using Broadcom Wi-Fi chips can be hacked over the air.

readmoreCybercrooks hijacked a bank’s DNS to steal login credentials and drop malware on customers who logged in.

What you missed in Tech News: March 13 – March 17!

readmoreUS military leak exposed thousands of Air Force documents through unprotected backup drive.

readmoreKurdish hacker defaced several celebrity websites with anti-ISIS and anti-Turkey messages.

readmoreLatest Google Chrome scam steals credit card data.

readmoreThe Statistics Canada site was hacked by an unknown attacker.

readmoreHackers have stolen 2.2 million emails and 287,000 cell numbers from popular teen quiz app Wishbone.

readmoreUS to charge 4 hackers in massive Yahoo data breach.

readmoreResearchers demonstrate how sound waves can hack your smartphone.

readmoreFappening 2.0: Second round of private photos of celebrities being leaked online.

readmoreSafari, Ubuntu Linux, Edge and Adobe Reader all hacked at Pwn2Own 2017.

readmoreUbiquiti networking products at risk due to unpatched vulnerability.

What you missed in Tech News: March 6 – March 10!

readmoreOne of the largest spam operations leaked its database of 1.37 billion email addresses.

readmoreLotte Group website was hacked the day after the company signed military deal.

readmoreDOJ dismissed child porn case to keep Tor hack source code secret.

readmoreNew dark web scheme lets wannabe cybercriminals get in on ransomware for free.

readmoreWikiLeaks published a new set of documents on CIA hacking tools.

readmoreNew disk wiping malware dubbed StoneDrill discovered while researching Shamoon malware.

readmoreCybercriminals are charging $50k for undetectable Mac malware.

readmoreApple is studying security holes found in WikiLeaks.

readmoreConfide, the messaging app that Trump aides use is ‘riddled with security bugs’.

readmoreSecurity flaws leaves iPhones and Android phones open to tracking.

What you missed in Tech News: February 27 – March 3!

readmoreGoogle disclosed Microsoft Edge and IE vulnerability before patch is issued.

readmoreIoT teddy bear making company leaked 800,000+ customer credentials including 2 million parent/kid message recordings.

readmoreMac users vulnerable to remote hacking due to critical flaw in ESET Antivirus.

readmore7 signs of a malware infection on your computer.

readmoreVulnerabilities found in 9 popular password manager apps.

readmoreResearchers find severe flaw in WordPress plugin that’s had 1 million installs.

readmoreYahoo reveals that another 32 million accounts were hacked in the last 2 years using a ‘cookie forging attack’.

readmoreSlack fixed a security flaw that allowed hackers to fully access user accounts & messages.

readmoreResearchers uncover PowerShell Trojan uses DNS queries to get its orders.

readmoreGoogle to protect Mac Chrome users with additional “Safe Browsing” alerts.

What you missed in Tech News: February 20 – February 24!

readmoreSecurity lapse at New York International airport left its servers exposed for nearly a year.

readmoreTrump website got hacked.

readmoreStop charging your phone on a public charging station, it could get you hacked.

readmoreGoogle Project Zero reveals flaw in Microsoft Windows graphics library before fix is issued.

readmoreResearchers have found bugs in Java and Python that allows attackers to bypass firewalls.

readmoreCybercrooks are hijacking TeamViewer remote-control app to snoop on victims.

readmoreGoogle Chrome users tricked into downloading malware with alert to update Chrome Font Pack.

readmoreHundreds of websites defaced after web-hosting server provider DomainMonster was hijacked.

readmoreSevere bug in Cloudflare, service provider to 5.5 million+ websites, may have leaked passwords, cookies & tokens used to authenticate users.

readmoreNew ransomware called Patcher is being distributed through BitTorrent distribution sites.

What you missed in Tech News: February 13 – February 17!

readmoreHackers are targeting schools in a wave of tax info phishing attacks.

readmoreHacker finds loophole to get around Gmail spam filter.

readmoreMan jailed for refusing to decrypt harddrives.

readmoreUniversity was DDoS’d by infected vending machines and light bulbs.

readmorePhishing scam alerts Paypal users of “Payment successfully made via Ali Express”.

readmoreNew Mac malware Xagent steals passwords, grabs screenshots and exfiltrates iPhones.

readmoreResearchers uncover chip flaw that strips away hacking protections for millions of devices.

readmoreMicrosoft cancelled February’s Patch Tuesday despite a zero day in the wild.

readmoreTicketmaster accused of hacking rival’s databases.

readmoreParents have been encouraged to destroy Cayla dolls over hacking concerns.

What you missed in Tech News: February 6 – February 10!

readmoreTwitter users are being targeted with blue badge verification phishing scam.

readmoreAnonymous hacker took down 10,000 dark web sites and leaked its user database.

readmoreGet the patch for OpenBSD and two of its SSL libraries against DoS bugs.

readmoreStartup paying people to legally hack Uber, Nintendo and Starbucks just got another $40 million to keep growing.

readmoreIndian hackers hack Facebook groups for posting teen, revenge porn images.

readmoreMac malware targeting US defense industry and human rights communities.

readmoreHackers disguised their malware as a document about Trump victory.

readmoreFake ad for Amazon led Google search users to Windows support scam page.

readmoreFirst Word macro malware for Apple Mac OS discovered in the wild.

readmoreAngry programmer sent an army of bots after the Windows Support scammers.

What you missed in Tech News: January 30 – February 3!

readmoreHackers infected a hotel’s key lock system with ransomware.

readmoreRansomware infected 70% of Washington DC’s CCTV system just before Trump’s inauguration.

readmoreA marketing firm leaked 17,000 recorded phone calls, many with credit card numbers.

readmoreNew malware steals bitcoins & passwords from cryptocurrency wallets.

readmoreCompany insiders selling confidential data to hackers to sell on the Dark Web.

readmorePatch the vulnerability in Cisco Prime Home that allows #hackers to hijack routers.

readmoreHacker dumps iOS hacking tools allegedly stolen from Cellebrite.

readmoreZeroDay in Microsoft Windows SMB service allows attackers to crash entire system.

readmoreA 14 year old computer worm has made a comeback.

readmorePopular hacking toolkit Metasploit now works on hardware, including cars.

What you missed in Tech News: January 23 – January 27!

readmoreBBC & NYT Twitter accounts were hacked to post fake news about Trump and Putin.

readmoreSage ransomware and Satan ransomware are the current threats we need to be on the lookout for.

readmore17 St. Louis libraries were hit by a ransomware attack.

readmoreHummingwhale malware has snuck into ~20 GooglePlay apps and has had millions of downloads.

readmoreBluffing ransomware trick has victims paying ransom when they’re not actually locked out of their systems.

readmoreAlphaBay Dark Web Marketplace has hacked and exposed over 200k private messages.

readmoreGmail will soon block Javascript files to reduce malicious attacks.

readmoreFacebook adds security key and YubiKey support for 2 factor authentication systems.

readmoreData of 180,000 members of voyeur website leaked after hack.

readmoreBreach database site #LeakedSource is offline after a police raid.

What you missed in Tech News: January 16 – January 20!

readmoreAnother malware scam is circulating through Facebook Messenger.

readmoreNew Gmail phishing attack uses convincing fake emails.

readmoreSpora ransomware gives back more than locked files when victims pay the ransom.

readmoreOver one million user accounts of mobile game creator Supercell have been compromised.

readmoreMicrosoft has begun its 3 year countdown for Windows 7’s end of extended support.

readmoreCybercrime gang uses Google services for malware command and control.

readmoreSecurity experts caution that DDoS attacks to protest Trump inauguration is ‘illegal’.

readmoreHackers hack hacking forum as soon as it’s launched.

readmoreHack the Army bounty fixes 118 flaws and pays out $100,000.

readmoreLocky ransomware is back and gearing up for 2017.

What you missed in Tech News: January 9 – January 13!

readmoreUK’s largest hosting firm 123-Reg suffered a series of massive DDoS attacks.

readmoreHackers have targeted accounts from the Free Ross defense fund.

readmoreFake email notices infect victims with ransomware that also steals personal data.

readmoreNetflix users are being targeted by credit card phishing scheme.

readmoreEmail scam seemingly from Microsoft infects victims with malware that hijacks machines to carry out DDoS attacks.

readmoreA hacker stole 900 GB of data from Cellebrite.

readmoreWhatsApp backdoor allows hackers to intercept and read encrypted messages.

readmorePhishing scam posing as charity email delivers Ramnit banking Trojan malware.

readmoreMongoDB hackers are now targeting ElasticSearch servers.

readmoreMicrosoft rushes to fix botched security patch.

What you missed in Tech News: January 3 – January 6!

readmoreAmazon dealer leads shoppers away at checkout to make payment at convincing phishing site.

readmoreMalware uses DDoS attacks to get victims to fall for phony Apple tech support scam.

readmoreNew variant of KillDisk ransomware encrypts Linux machines but doesn’t decrypt files even after ransom is paid.

readmoreFireCrypt, a new strain of ransomware, has DDoS capabilities.

readmoreIf you’ve fallen victim to Globe3 ransomware, you can use this free tool to decrypt your files.

readmoreUnsecured MongoDB databases are being held for ransom.

readmoreAs of January 1, 2017, the act of deploying ransomware in CA is officially a crime.

readmoreAnonymous took over Victoria’s Human Rights Commission website to spread a message about AnonPlus.

readmore2 versions of new malware pose as Android client to infect Wi-Fi networks and hijack DNS.

readmoreA Pentagon subcontractor leaked confidential military personnel data.

What you missed in Tech News: December 27 – December 30!

readmoreLeak ≠ Breach ≠ Hack – stop calling everything a hack!

readmoreFacebook quietly buys third-party data about users’ offline lives.

readmoreExperts warn that smart electricity meters can be “dangerously insecure.”

readmoreAndroid ransomware demanding $500 to get an LG smart TV unlocked.

readmoreLeet Botnet is a bigger threat than Mirai thanks to its larger DDoS capabilities.

readmoreResearchers reveal that airline passenger details are easy prey for hackers.

readmoreBug bounty hunter rewarded for finding hack that could reveal the private email address of any Facebook user.

readmoreWebsite monitors torrent traffic and has made information on torrents and IP-addresses public.

readmoreThe Department of Homeland Security requires travelers to reveal social media accounts to enter the US.

readmoreMillions of websites are vulnerable to remote exploit due to PHPMailer flaw.

What you missed in Tech News: December 19 – December 23!

readmore1 billion stolen Yahoo accounts sold to 3 different buyers for $300,000 each.

readmoreFitness website PayAsUGym was hacked and its members’ financial details were stolen.

readmoreHackers showed how they could hijack in-flight systems or even take control of a plane.

readmoreFaketoken mobile banking malware has been modified to encrypt your files and hold data for ransom.

readmoreHacker group Our Mine strikes again, takes over Netflix Twitter account.

readmoreMost recent version of CryptXXX ransomware has been cracked, decryption tools available.

readmoreIn-flight entertainment service provider Gogo launches a bug bounty program.

readmoreBarnes and Noble Nook came loaded with the same spyware that infected Blu phones last month.

readmoreRussian hacking group Fancy Bear used Android malware to track Ukranian fighters.

readmoreFlorida court ruled that password disclosure is not protected by the Fifth Amendment.

What you missed in Tech News: December 12 – December 16!

readmoreHack of Quest Diagnostics exposes personal health info of 34,000 patients.

readmoreFBI busted student DDoS attacks on chat site Chatango.

readmoreThe FBI has arrested the cybercriminal who’s responsible for the JP Morgan hack.

readmoreHackers can read your Facebook Messenger chats thanks to a simple bug.

readmoreEuropol and US authorities busted 34 DDoS attackers and 101 suspects – most under the age of 20.

readmoreKFC is advising members of its loyalty program to change their passwords after hack.

readmoreNetgear users have been advised to stop using routers affected by a severe vulnerability.

readmoreUpdating Windows 10 with KB3201845 fix will kill your Wi-Fi connections.

readmoreBeware of malware circulating across Facebook posing as a leaked celebrity sex tape.

readmoreA hacker claims to have stolen thousands of passport numbers from the Russian consulate.

What you missed in Tech News: December 5 – December 9!

readmore‘Highly personalized’ malware targets retailers with phony customer queries.

readmoreHackers steal trade secrets from steelmaker ThyssenKrupp.

readmoreVictims of this ransomware have the option of paying a ransom or infection 2 other people to get their files back.

readmoreTurkish hackers are giving away prizes for those who carry out DDoS attacks.

readmoreObama administration advised Trump to train 100,000 hackers to protect the US from cyberattacks.

readmoreA 5 year old Linux kernel local privilege escalation flaw has been discovered.

readmoreHacker claims to have pushed malicious firmware update to 3.2 million routers.

readmoreSony killed off its secret backdoor in 80 of its web-connected surveillance cameras.

readmoreNorth Korea’s Linux based Red Star OS can be hacked remotely using just a link.

readmorei-Que and Cayla smart toy makers have been accused of violating child data protection rules.

What you missed in Tech News: November 28 – December 2!

readmoreIsraeli news channels were hacked in protest of bill to ban Muslim call-to-prayer in the country.

readmoreShamoon malware that wipes hard drives has returned in a new campaign.

readmoreRule 41 passed and now the FBI and police will have a lot less hassle to hack your computer.

readmoreFirefox Zero Day exploit that unmasks Tor users have been released online.

readmoreApple users are getting spam through their Calendar and Photos apps.

readmoreMirai botnet knocked 900k+ broadband routers offline.

readmoreHacker who hacked the SF MUNI for ransom got hacked by another hacker.

readmoreHacker who exposed the Steubenville rape faces a longer prison term than the rapists.

readmoreSmartphone app flaw leaves Tesla vehicles vulnerable to being tracked, located, unlocked and stolen.

readmoreCommuters ride free after San Francisco MUNI system was hacked for 100 Bitcoin ransom.

What you missed in Tech News: November 21 – November 23!

readmoreWordPress auto-update server had a flaw allowing anyone to add anything to websites worldwide.

readmoreMadison Square Garden admits hackers spend a year harvesting visitor credit card data.

readmoreNew malware can turn your headphones into microphones to spy on you.

readmoreHackers are using MailChimp to spread malware.

readmoreThe DoD has published its Vulnerability Disclosure Policy in regards to its bug bounty program.

readmoreHacker took over Tel Aviv’s public Wi-Fi network just to show that he could.

readmoreHackers stole millions from European ATMs using malware that makes ATMs spit out cash.

readmoreOffice 365 vulnerability identified bogus email as valid.

readmoreBoss at loan company paid hackers to attack consumer rights website after customers complained about his business.

readmoreSpammers are using Facebook Messenger to spread Locky Ransomware.

What you missed in Tech News: November 14 – November 18!

readmoreHackers claim to have stolen data from adhesive, tape and glue company Gorilla Glue.

readmoreCheck out this video that shows you how to bypass the iPhone passcode to access photos and messages.

readmoreHacker group claims to have accessed source code and admin accounts for file sharing site

readmoreBug allows hacker to become author on the White House Medium page.

readmoreOne laptop can take an entire business offline with this new DoS attack.

readmoreThis vulnerability allows a hacker to access a shell with root privilege with a simple press of a button.

readmoreThis $5 device can hack your locked computer in 1 minute!

readmoreHack The Army initiative offers cash rewards to researchers to find security vulnerabilities.

readmoreFacebook CSO reveals that they buy password dumps from the Deep Web to keep users safe.

readmoreWhatsApp now has 2 step verification, go enable this feature now!

What you missed in Tech News: November 7 – November 10!

readmoreFBI released a darknet marketplace primer at the beginning of November.

readmoreBeware of what you plug into your computer! This USB device fries your computer with 300 volts!

readmoreSkype accounts are getting breached, make sure your account is secure.

readmoreGoogle won’t be fixing Linux Dirty Cow flaw until next month.

readmoreLinkedIn users are being targeted with a sophisticated phishing campaign.

readmoreTime to uninstall Web Of Trust! The browser add-on has been caught selling users’ data.

readmorePatch Tuesday is in effect! Microsoft has released their security bulletin for November.

readmoreSam’s Club reset passwords after 14,000+ login credentials was posted online.

readmoreNearly 20,000 Tesco Bank customers had money stolen from their accounts after hack attack.

readmoreWikiLeaks suffers massive DDoS attack after releasing DNCLeak2.

What you missed in Tech News: October 31 – November 4!

readmoreWiFi can be turned into IMSI Catcher to track cell phone users.

readmoreHundreds of procedures cancelled after malware compromised National Health Service network.

readmoreAttackers were granted root or allowed to exploit Android phones due to WeMo vulnerability.

readmoreYou can finally legally hack your own devices.

readmoreIf you’re a Docker user who hasn’t patched Dirty COW yet, here’s some bad news for you.

readmoreGoogle discloses critical Windows Zero Day that is being exploited in the wild.

readmoreGoogle Certificate Transparency initiative will force websites to use proper certificate security within a year.

readmoreResearchers to expose new pathway for hacking at London BlackHat.

readmoreArrest made for man who launched attack on 911 system last week.

readmoreShadow Brokers give NSA a Halloween surprise by leaked hacked servers.

What you missed in Tech News: October 24 – October 28!

readmoreRed Cross data breach: Personal details of 550,000 blood donors leaked.

readmoreAtomBombing allows injection of malicious code into Windows systems and it can’t be patched.

readmoreChinese hackers won $215,000 for hacking iPhone and Google Nexus at Mobile Pwn2Own.

readmoreAT&T spies on their customers and sells data to the government.

readmoreCellebrite has had their firmware leaked online.

readmoreHacker who launched DDoS attack on Boston Hospital for OpJustina back in 2014 is now facing charges.

readmoreGoogle updated their privacy policy to allow them to track you online.

readmoreGo update your iOS device to avoid the newest Apple vulnerabilities.

readmoreResearchers show how they use ‘secure’ wireless keyboards and mice to hijack computers.

readmoreChinese webcam maker issues recall after massive DDoS attack last week.

What you missed in Tech News: October 17 – October 21!

readmoreNew ransomware acts as a game while it encrypts your files.

readmoreNSA contractor stole 50TB of classified data of the last 2 decades.

readmoreSymantec explained how a simple $15 device can hack the US presidential elections.

readmoreWeebly confirms hack – 43.4 million accounts exposed; FourSquare denies breach rumors.

readmorePoll finds that while 89% of public Wi-Fi users don’t believe it’s secure, they use it anyway.

readmoreResearcher reveals that Donald Trump is using insecure email servers with outdated, unsupported software.

readmoreDon’t fall for Microsoft support scams! They will never contact you!

readmoreA hacker used a $50 device to steal login credentials from a locked PC.

readmoreThe US Department of Justice renews fight for the right to seize content from the world’s servers.

readmoreAndroid vulnerability dubbed Pork Explosion allows exploiters to access devices via backdoor.

What you missed in Tech News: October 11 – October 14!

readmorePython ransomware encrypts every file with a unique key.

readmoreAkamai finds longtime security flaw in 2 million devices.

readmoreFacebook has now paid out a total of $5M for security flaws to 900 bounty hunters.

readmoreNearly 6000 online shops hit by hackers to steal customers’ credit card info.

readmoreSAP fixes 3 year old authentication bypass flaw.

readmoreAfter their massive hack was announced, Yahoo disabled their email forwarding to prevent users from leaving.

readmoreResearchers demonstrate how the NSA broke trillions of encrypted connections.

readmoreHacker brews coffee directly from his PC with command line.

readmoreNSA could put undetectable “trapdoors” in millions of crypto keys.

readmoreAtomic Energy Agency director admits knowledge of successful hack of nuclear power plant.

What you missed in Tech News: September 26 – September 30!

readmoreiPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus phones found to be vulnerable to video jacking.

readmoreOS X devices are being targeted by APT28 with new trojan dubbed Komplex.

readmoreNew strain of Virlock ransomware can use the cloud to spread.

readmoreiSpy keylogger targets Skype, webcams and passwords.

readmoreICYMI: Donald Trump has his own theory on the DNC hack.

readmoreTesla implemented a major security upgrade in response to the hack of its driving systems.

readmoreMarsJoke ransomware threatens to wipe data if ransom isn’t paid within 96 hours.

readmoreHackers stole thousands of photos from Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account.

readmoreYahoo is being hit by class-action lawsuits following their massive data breach.

readmoreKrebs’ site is back online behind the protection of Google’s Project Shield.

What you missed in Tech News: September 19 – September 23!

readmoreThe White House is looking into a cyber breach after the First Lady’s passport was posted online.

readmoreGoogle Safe Browsing beats its rivals but only flags 10% of hacked sites.

readmoreSomeone is dropping malware infected USB sticks into mailboxes. This should go without saying but here it is: don’t plug it in!

readmoreBlack Team’s tool ‘RAUM’ is infecting torrent users with malware.

readmoreTeenager was able to hack multiple FTP servers owned by the US government.

readmoreBrian Krebs site was hit with the largest DDoS attack the internet has ever seen.

readmoreChinese hackers steal millions from SS&C Technologies, a Wall Street tech firm, through phishing scam.

readmoreMobile news and review site MoDaCo admits to data breach.

readmoreThe cryptographic key that secures the web is being changed for the first time.

readmoreCisco customers are being targeted using leaked NSA hacking tools.

What you missed in Tech News: September 6 – September 9!

readmoreGoogle hacker finds another way to exploit Stagefright bug to use against almost all Android phones.

readmoreWordPress is urging users to update CMS packages to fix critical vulnerabilities.

readmoreRetired US Air Force brigadier general Gregory Touhill has been appointed the United States’ first federal cybersecurity chief.

readmoreMokes is a cross-platform malware that affects Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

readmoreSome victims of ransomware don’t get their data back even after paying out. is another KissAss Torrents mirror being used to scam users out of their credit card data.

readmoreOPM hackers used Marvel superhero nicknames to cover their tracks.

readmoreFacebook Messenger chatbots can leak your private information.

readmoreApple, Fox News, & ACLU join Microsoft in their fight against the Justice Department’s secret data demands.

readmoreHacker took down CEO wire transfer scammers and sent their Win 10 creds to cops.

What you missed in Tech News: August 29 – September 2!

readmoreBetabot is malware that steals victims’ information and infects their machine with ransomware.

readmoreBitTorrent client ‘Transmission’ is dropping Keydnap malware onto Mac devices.

readmoreHacker leaked hundreds of IP addresses and phonebooks stored across 20 ISIS accounts.

readmoreHacker accesses cleartext credential notepads in OneLogin data breach.

readmoreSri Lankan teen hacked the president’s website to get exams delayed and is now facing up to 3 years in jail.

readmoreLocky & Zepto are two of the most popular and devastating ransomware variants this year.

readmoreGoogle has chosen to not fix a potential security flaw.

readmore71,000 Minecraft World Map accounts leaked online in hack that occurred in January.

readmoreClever phishing scam is targeting GoDaddy customers.

readmoreHacker finds security flaw that allows attackers to log into anyone’s Facebook account.

What you missed in Tech News: August 22 – August 26!

readmoreDropbox making users reset old passwords as a preventative measure.

readmoreBlizzard Entertainment suffers another DDoS attack.

readmoreVictims of Wildfire ransomware can now unlock encrypted files for free thanks to the No More Ransom initiative.

readmoreNetflix email scam has been targeting Apple customers.

readmoreFound in the wild: Mr. Robot inspired fsociety ransomware.

readmoreGoogle messaging app, Allo, will have a self-destruct feature similar to Snapchat.

readmoreWilling or not, staff at telecommunications firms are being used by cybercriminals to carry out cyberattacks.

readmoreBreach of Epic Games forums puts 800,000 gamers’ credentials at risk.

readmoreBeauty site lets anyone read customers’ personal info for convenience.

readmoreNSA hack proves that Apple was right to fight the FBI.

What you missed in Tech News: August 15 – August 19!

readmoreResearchers use photos from Facebook to trick facial recognition logins.

readmoreTrump campaign hacked and targeted with malware.

readmore“Anonymous” chat service Omegle saves your private chat, and hackers can easily access them.

readmoreIoT vulnerability: Hackers can access your email account through IoT sockets.

readmoreResearcher finds that the WikiLeaks Turkish AKP Email dump contains malware.

readmoreNo one wants to buy the NSA-linked data stolen by Shadow Brokers.

readmoreResearcher discovers a flaw in Windows User Account Control feature.

readmoreHackers claim to have hacked Equation Group, which has been linked to the NSA.

readmore20 top US hotels hit by malware attacks! If you stayed at one, keep an eye on your accounts.

readmoreGuccifer 2.0 takes credit for DCCC hack and dumps personal info of nearly 200 Congressional Democrats.

What you missed in Tech News: August 8 – August 12!

readmoreMysterious tweet by Edward Snowden have people wondering if he’s been killed.

readmoreHilton email was so textbook for a phishing email that its own techs labeled it as a scam.

readmoreMultiple security flaws found in SAP CAR platform tool.

readmoreVulnerability in VW keyless entry affects nearly 100 million cars.

readmoreHackers can hijack internet traffic & remotely inject malware thanks to Linux TCP flaw.

readmoreHitler themed ransomware offers to sell you back access to your files but then deletes them.

readmoreData breach of Dota forum leaks data for 2 million user accounts.

readmoreSecurity flaw found in credit card chip system.

readmoreMalware, dubbed Project Sauron, allowed attackers to spy on computers and went undetected for 5 years.

readmoreIf you’re smart then you won’t get one of these easily hackable bluetooth “smart” locks.

What you missed in Tech News: July 18 – July 22!

readmoreHacker has stolen 1.6 million accounts from Clash of Kings forum thanks to outdated software.

readmoreFrance’s National Data Protection Commission issued Microsoft a formal notice to stop collecting Windows 10 user data.

readmoreGOP delegates carelessly connected to public Wi-Fi and risked being hacked or spied on.

readmoreMusic label Beggars Group warns US customers who purchased products from their websites that they could be victims of their data breach.

readmoreAnonymous used DDoS attack to shut down the Rio Court website for blocking WhatsApp in Brazil.

readmoreHackers can use hidden backdoor to gain full access to all devices connected to Dell security software.

readmoreAccount verification is now available to any Twitter user.

readmoreHttpoxy, a 15 year old security flaw, has been found to be exploited in the wild.

readmoreExploit kit is compromising users with code published by a white hat researcher.

readmoreData breach of Ubuntu user forums leaks millions of user details.

What you missed in Tech News: July 11 – July 15!

readmoreHackers stole more than $2 million from Taiwanese ATMs.

readmoreHacker group Pravvy Sector is trying to extort the Polish government for $50K in Bitcoin.

readmoreAppeals court rules that the FBI needs a warrant to collect data internationally.

readmoreChina hacked the FDIC and the CIO covered it up.

readmoreHacking group Our Mine is in headlines again for claiming to take down HSBC servers .

readmoreFiat Chrysler has announced that they are starting a bug bounty program.

readmoreRansomware dubbed Ranscam deletes files even after ransom is paid.

readmoreGet these critical patches for Drupal modules.

readmoreHacked version of Pokemon GO that has DroidJack malware is already on the Android store.

readmoreHacker leaked 80,000 Kindle login credentials because Amazon didn’t respond to his security report.

What you missed in Tech News: July 5 – July 8!

readmoreStack overflow issue in D-Link networked products leaves users open to attack.

readmore3 newly discovered strains of Mac malware have been found in the wild.

readmoreIf you’re a fan of Wendy’s, keep watch over your card transactions – 1000+ restaurants hit with cyber attack.

readmoreScientists have discovered a way to steal ATM PINs by infecting wearable devices.

readmoreWikiLeaks had an interesting chat with Our Mine hackers after their site was taken down by DDoS attacks.

readmoreUnpatched Zero Day allows hackers to tamper with our car through BMW ConnectedDrive portal.

readmoreEasyDoc malware poses as file converter but instead adds Tor backdoor to Macs.

readmoreNext in line for YouTube hacking & defacing is popular channel LeafyIsHere.

readmoreTP-Link lost their domains used to configure router settings after forgetting to renew.

readmore85 million Android users infected with malware because a Chinese ad firm wanted more clicks.

What you missed in Tech News: June 27 – July 1!

readmoreTurns out Android full disk encryption can be broken with brute force, and there’s no fix yet.

readmoreData breach at Massachusetts General Hospital affects more than 4,000 patients.

readmoreHacker defaced government websites belonging to Arizona House of Representatives & Arizona Legislature.

readmoreAlleged Brit hacker, facing extradition to the US, was granted bail by the UK court.

readmoreChina orders Apple to monitor App Store users and track their identities.

readmore2.2 million records of global terrorist database World Check has been leaked online.

readmoreResearchers found a way to steal data from air-gapped machines using the sound of a computer’s fan.

readmoreHackers used ancient exploits to compromise Windows XP machines in US hospitals.

readmoreZero Day: Variants of Cerber ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 email users.

readmoreHacker advertising hundreds of thousands of alleged records from health care organizations.

What you missed in Tech News: June 20 – June 24!

readmoreFBI is classifying its Tor browser exploit for reasons of ‘National Security’.

readmoreFlaw in Google Chrome media streaming allows users to pirate movies from Netflix or Amazon Prime.

readmoreGhost Squad Hackers leaked personal data of US Military Officials for their OpSilence campaign.

readmoreSmartphones can be hacked with a business card using a $3 gadget.

readmoreHacker and security firm donate a total of $30K in bug bounty cash to charity.

readmoreScammers are posing as ISP tech support with online popups that warn of malware.

readmoreFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg protects his privacy by putting tape over his webcam and mic jack.

readmoreGoogle is making 2-factor authentication easier to use.

readmoreHacker who stole $53M from DAO claims that the money is now legally his.

readmore1.5 million T-Mobile customer records were stolen and then sold by an employee.

What you missed in Tech News: June 13 – June 17!

readmoreHouse lawmakers voted to reject the amendment to ban warrantless backdoor searches.

readmoreHacker pleads guilty in first case of cyber terrorism.

readmoreIn response to the Orlando attack, Anonymos hacked dozens of pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and filled them with gay pride.

readmoreHackers can hijack your network traffic on all versions of Windows with the BadTunnel Attack.

readmoreA new version of Flocker Ransomware has been infecting Smart TVs.

readmoreHackers found a way to bypass size restrictions and send massive messages in Telegram.

readmoreA college student’s imposter code was executed 45K+ times on 17K+ separate domains, including military and government domains.

readmoreHack the Pentagon program uncovers 100+ vulnerabilities in DoD systems.

readmoreA single hacker has come forward to claim responsibility for the DNC hack and shared the documents he stole.

readmoreNorth Korean hackers stole blueprints for US fighter jets from South Korean computers.

What you missed in Tech News: June 6 – June 10!

readmoreHacktivists Anonymous strike again! Targets Bilderberg website with DDoS attacks.

readmoreResearch finds that malware plagues the cloud.

readmoreTwitter denies data breach as 32 million login credentials are being sold on the dark web.

readmoreHacker is selling 290K+ State of Louisiana Drivers’ License records.

readmoreRansomware strikes again: University of Calgary paid almost $16,000 to recover crucial data.

readmoreApple users are being targeted in phishing campaign.

readmoreRecent hacks prompt Facebook & Netflix to trigger password resets.

readmoreBackdoor in Facebook Messenger app allows hackers to read or alter messages.

readmoreWhite hat hacker shows how the BBB site leaked personal data.

readmoreAnother site known for selling hacked accounts,, gets hacked and leaks thousands of users’ credit card & account info.

What you missed in Tech News: May 31 – June 3!

readmoreAnother hacked dating site, Badoo, led to 100,000+ user accounts being compromised.

readmoreIrongate malware, with Stuxnet qualities, is attacking Siemens industrial control systems.

readmoreYou can now run Kali Pentesting OS in your web browser.

readmoreMarcher Android malware has expanded its reach and added 9 major banks to its target list.

readmoreThe federal reserve was hacked 50+ times in the past five years.

readmoreA raid in Russia led to the arrest of 50 hackers who used a trojan to steal millions from Russian banks.

readmoreTeamViewer users are claiming their accounts are hacked, server was taken offline for ‘server issues’.

readmoreExperts warn that Facebook is listening to your conversations.

readmore5 top PC manufacturers deliver your computers already vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

readmoreNorth Korea’s version of Facebook was identified and hacked in a single day.

What you missed in Tech News: May 23 – May 27!

readmoreThis new attack allows hackers to hack into your smartphone while its charging via USB on your laptop.

readmoreUS nukes are controlled by ancient computers and floppy disks, and a hacker explains why that’s a good thing.

readmoreAnother hacker reports security flaws just to get arrested.

readmoreDozens of HTTPS Visa sites are vulnerable to tampering thanks to “Forbidden Attack”.

readmoreMicrosoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 so badly that they’re using malware tactics to make it happen!

readmoreA simple prank could land this hacker in jail for 10 years for hacking a highway sign to say “Drive Crazy Yall”.

readmoreDon’t fall for the malware scam that offers WhatsApp Gold Version!

readmoreThis bot increases the dangers of using your password for all your different accounts.

readmoreData breach at Noodles & Company leaves customer credit/debit card info at risk – check your statements!

readmoreAnother attack on the SWIFT system allowed cyber criminals to steal $12 million from an Ecuadorian bank.

What you missed in Tech News: May 16 – May 20!

readmoreThe hacker who hacked Hacking Team has released a hacking how-to video.

readmoreA hacker claims to have stolen money from a bank and donated $11,000 to an Anti-ISIS group.

readmoreA Phishing campaign is using the Rio 2016 Olympics to bait victims.

readmoreComputer scientists have created a way to let law enforcement access any camera that’s not password protected.

readmoreNew app called FindFace allows you to find anyone’s social media profile with just a photo.

readmoreSymantec Antivirus programs have been found to be vulnerable to an overflow bug.

readmoreThe 2012 hack of LinkedIn just got worse! Emails and passwords of 117 million users being sold online.

readmoreAbout a million computers have been enslaved by a Google ad fraud botnet.

readmoreHacker forum has been hacked, exposing 500,000 members’ data including login, emails, purchases & messages.

readmoreJohn McAfee tried to trick reporters into thinking he hacked WhatsApp’s encryption

What you missed in Tech News: May 9 – May 13!

readmoreA student & co-researcher have published personal info of 70,000 OK Cupid users.

readmoreOlder Tumblr user logins have been compromised, prompting user password resets.

readmoreThere was a backdoor found in Linux kernel for Android & other devices that uses Allwinner processors.

readmoreA white hat hacker discovered a security flaw on Mr. Robot’s promotional website.

readmoreVictims of CryptXXX ransomware have lost their option of using the decryption tool provided by Kaspersky Lab.

readmorePornHub is inviting hackers & security researchers to join its bug bounty program .

readmoreAn app has been developed to tell you if your iPhone has been hacked.

readmoreA new Android malware called Viking Horde has been discovered in the Google Play store.

readmoreGoDaddy blind XSS security flaw can let hackers hijack, abuse and delete accounts.

readmoreIf your password is on this list, for goodness’ sake lease change it now!

What you missed in Tech News: May 2 – May 6!

readmoreHack of dating site Fling exposed not only passwords but also sexual desires and other personal information.

readmoreSecurity flaw in preinstalled software on Lenovo devices allows malware to run at the system-level.

readmoreAnother Android vulnerability: phones using Qualcomm chip open to hacking.

readmoreGuccifer claims that he easily and repeatedly hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email.

readmoreDynamer malware breached Windows OS by exploiting God Mode feature.

readmoreAs the FBI struggled with the iPhone 5c the LAPD quietly and easily overrode a locked iPhone 5s.

readmoreHackers can decrypt HTTPS traffic due to OpenSSL vulnerability.

readmoreMost commercial apps are vulnerable to Old Open Source bugs.

readmoreAndroid malware posing as Google Chrome update steals personal data.

readmoreIf the 2 bills proposed by the Senate are passed, car hackers can face life in prison.

What you missed in Tech News: April 25 – April 29!

readmoreDevelopers are leaking Slack tokens on Github, which can give others access to a company’s internal chats & files.

readmoreAnonymous leaks 1 TB of data from Kenyan ministry as part of their their OpAfrica campaign.

readmoreFormer Tor developer created malware for FBI to unmask Tor users.

readmoreCisco researchers have discovered a backdoor installed on 12 million PCs worldwide.

readmoreMozilla has patched critical flaws in Firefox 46 that can allow an attacker to take control.

readmoreVulnerability in dark web marketplace AlphaBay exposes private messages.

readmoreHundreds of Spotify user credentials have shown up online but they deny that they’ve been hacked.

readmoreDDoS extortionists have made $100K without actually launching a single attack.

readmoreHack of dating website Beautiful People exposed private data of 1.1 million members.

readmoreDARPA looking to build secure hacker-proof messaging app for US military.

What you missed in Tech News: April 18 – April 22!

readmoreJigsaw ransomware not only encrypts files but also adds the pressure of a countdown for payout.

readmoreOpera adds free VPN to its browser to allow anonymous web surfing.

readmoreHackers were able to steal $80 million from the central bank of Bangladesh because it had $10 routers and no firewall.

readmorePolice are taking DDoS attacks more seriously, considering it a ‘gateway crime.’

readmoreThe 2 hackers who created the SpyEye banking trojan have been sentenced to a combined 24 years and 6 months in prison.

readmoreSteve Wozniak has declared that cyber security is the new atom bomb.

readmoreMIT built an AI system that can detect 85% of cyber attacks.

readmoreUS Marine Corp is offering $26 million to find a small business that can provide cyber security training.

readmoreHackers demonstrate that they only need your phone number to snoop on your calls and texts.

readmoreThe hacker who hacked Hacking Team last year has now disclosed how he breached their network.

What you missed in Tech News: April 11 – April 15!

readmoreSamsung Galaxy phones can be hacked via USB even when locked.

readmorePoorly defended Scada systems vulnerable to hacker attacks to steal coal, petrol & more.

readmoreApple discontinues support for QuickTime for Windows, advises users to uninstall app to avoid hacking.

readmoreLizard Squad takes credit for DDoS attack that took Blizzard’s servers offline.

readmoreCoinWallet is the 4th Bitcoin platform to shut down in the past month due to cyber attack.

readmoreRemember that iOS date bug that priced iPhones? Now a new version can be exploited through WiFi hotspots.

readmoreApparently the FBI didn’t use Cellebrite to unlock terrorist’s iPhone 5C, they paid some pro hackers to find the flaw.

readmoreCCTV cameras sold on Amazon arrived to buyers preinstalled with malware.

readmoreThe Apple Vs FBI fight continues over an iPhone 5S in a drug case in NY that can’t be unlocked by the hack they found for the iPhone 5C in the San Bernardino case.

readmore135 million Arris SURFboard modems vulnerable to flaw that allows remote factory reset.

What you missed in Tech News: April 4 – April 8!

readmoreJudge approves settlement of 2014 Sony hacking case.

readmoreMore trouble for Hacking Team – their license to sell outside of Europe has been revoked.

readmoreFBI confirms that their hack of the shooters iPhone 5C will not work on newer models.

readmoreHacker could have gotten free pizza thanks to bug in Dominos Android app.

readmoreAdobe Flash users: be on the lookout for an emergency patch that will be issued for a Zero Day vulnerability that’s being exploited in the wild.

readmoreHacker leaked personal details of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens online.

readmoreFBI says hacking group APT6 has compromised and stolen government files since 2011.

readmoreTrump Hotels facing another data breach of its credit card systems.

readmoreTop Firefox extensions can hide silent malware.

readmoreBiggest data leak in history exposes the world’s rich & powerful.

What you missed in Tech News: March 28 – April 1!

readmoreSome of the biggest law firms in the country have been hit with a data breach.

readmoreTeenage hacker published a game called Watch Paint Dry in Steam by exploiting vulnerability he then helped fix.

readmoreRansomware dubbed KimcilWare is targeting Magento website management system.

readmoreUS Marine Corps is launching a hacking support unit.

readmoreIt’s the FBI’s turn to fight a judge’s order – they don’t want to reveal TOR exploit code.

readmoreBlackHat hacker known as Weev admitted to hacking thousands of printers and making them print out racist messages.

readmoreCustomers’ bank card info may have been stolen due to hack of clothing website Sport Pursuit.

readmoreSix have been charged for hacking a lottery terminal to print only winning tickets.

readmoreA new ransomware called Locky has struck a hospital in Kentucky.

readmoreGoogle announced that government hackers may be targeting 1 million Gmail accounts.

What you missed in Tech News: March 21 – March 25!

readmoreIranian hackers charged for DDoS attacks against banks.

readmoreMost recent company who fell victim to the W2 phishing scam is Sprouts Market, leaving 21,000 employees at risk.

readmoreHackers breached a water utility control system and tampered with chemical levels used to treat tap water.

readmoreOracle has issued an emergency patch for a Java bug that can lead to system hijack.

readmoreIsraeli firm Cellebrite is helping the FBI unlock terrorist’s phone.

readmoreNexus phones are vulnerable to permanent compromise because Android never received 2014 Linux patch.

readmoreEncrypted email provided ProtonMail releases iOS and Android apps.

readmoreSecurity vulnerability dubbed Padlock affects all versions of Windows & Samba.

readmoreUber set up a Bug Bounty that could get a white hat hacker up to $10,000 to find major security flaws in its system.

readmoreResearchers at John Hopkins found a flaw in Apple iMessage that may allow an attacker to decrypt photos and videos.

What you missed in Tech News: March 14 – March 18!

readmoreAnonymous claims to have hacked Donald Trump, but did they really?

readmoreCelebrity nude photos were stolen by way of a simple phishing campaign.

readmoreHome Depot is coughing up $19.5 million in data breach settlement.

readmoreHere is how our presidential candidates view cyber security.

readmoreIt only takes seconds for a crook to install a card skimmer at a PoS.

readmoreYahoo mail found to have another bug that allowed attackers to spoof Yahoo email sender names.

readmoreGoogle is willing to pay high bounty to find a hack into Chromebook guest mode.

readmoreAnonymous released a video that vows to take Donald Trump down and calls others to aid in their mission.

readmoreData breach at Staminus, a DDoS protection company, led to customers’ data being leaked.

readmoreBotched Java patch leaves millions vulnerable to flaw that should have been fixed years ago.

What you missed in Tech News: February 29 – March 4!

readmoreCrypto keys from Android and iOS phones are being stolen in new attack.

readmoreTeen hacker is going on a hacking spree as revenge for MH16 crash.

readmoreIt was revealed that the US is launching cyber attacks against ISIS.

readmoreWindows Built-in PDF Reader leaves Edge browser vulnerable to hacking.

readmoreNewly found OSX malware makes people wonder if Hacking Team is making a comeback.

readmorePhishing campaign posing as Visa credit card deal leads to ransomware nightmare.

readmoreSerious flaws found in Netgear & DLink devices.

readmoreA third of all HTTPS websites are vulnerable to the DROWN attack.

readmoreAnonymous group TruthSec brings karma to Miami police officer who dosed innocent woman.

readmoreA second data breach to UC Berkeley exposes data of 80,000 people linked to the university.

What you missed in Tech News: February 22 – February 26!

readmoreLack of security in hospital networks and equipment documented from 2 years of research and testing.

readmoreHacker group New World Hackers is attacking Xbox Live to protest its lack of security.

readmoreMalware and skimmers and hammers oh my! Here are some ways that ATMs are attacked.

readmoreSecurity from fingerprint sensor is now in doubt after an iPhone was unlocked using PlayDoh.

readmoreApple Vs FBI update: Unsurprisingly, the government wants Apple to unlock more than this one iPhone.

readmoreIrony: Microsoft security tool was used to hack into Microsoft security tool.

readmoreApple released FAQ to respond to some questions over the FBI’s iPhone decryption demand.

readmoreA Utah NSA data center has been fighting 300 million hacking attempts every day!

readmoreAnonymous targets Cincinatti PD over civilian shooting.

readmoreLinux Mint hacked! Users who downloaded Cinnamon edition on Saturday have been compromised.

What you missed in Tech News: February 15 – February 19!

readmoreHacker associated with Anonymous was rescued by a Disney cruise ship and handed over to the FBI.

readmoreJudge orders FBI to reveal malware used to hack 1000+ computers.

readmoreApple VS FBI saga continues: This time John McAfee is claiming he can break the encryption on killer’s iPhone.

readmore46,000 surveillance DVRs are vulnerable to hacking thanks to hard-coded password.

readmoreNearly 10,000 Twitter accounts exposed due to password recovery bug.

readmoreGoogle extends support to Apple concerning FBI decryption demands.

readmoreThis major bug has left apps and hardware vulnerable to remote hijacking.

readmoreResearchers show how to steal crypto keys from an offline computer.

readmoreDo NOT try turning back time to the 70s on your iPhone.

readmoreTeenager in the UK arrested for the hack of US Intelligence officials.

What you missed in Tech News: February 8 – February 12!

readmoreIoT devices for your home gives the government more opportunities to spy on you.

readmoreBe careful when you’re in these 20 cities! Here’s a list of the Top 20 cities with the most malware infections.

readmoreVulnerability found in popular torrent sites The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents leaving users at risk of being hacked.

readmoreGmail will let you know when you are emailing with people who aren’t using secure email.

readmoreResearchers find hacking Bitcoin wallet passwords is an easy and incredibly low cost task.

readmoreSeveral Cisco products found to be vulnerable to remote code execution bug. Get your patch before it’s too late!

readmoreAnyone need a job? The White House is hiring its first CISO!

readmoreVigilante hackers are hijacking routers to make them more secure.

readmoreTor Project patches XSS vulnerability only when researcher goes public.

readmoreHacker planning on dumping details of thousands of FBI & DHS employees.

What you missed in Tech News: February 1 – February 5!

readmoreCritical vulnerabilities found in Netgear Network Management System.

readmoreUnknown hacker has changed part of the Dridex Trojan botnet to install Antivirus instead of malware.

readmoreGoogle bug finder discovers 3 security holes in antivirus makers’ browsers.

readmoreHackers breached into University of Central Florida and accessed 63,000 students’ private data.

readmoreOlder iPhones and iPads running iOS 8.2 or later is apparently at risk of a new lock screen bypass.

readmoreSevere backdoor flaw in Socat utility tool – intentional or error?

readmoreAuthorities believe hoax threats to schools are caused by sophisticated hacking system.

readmoreMalwarebytes says it’ll take nearly a month to patch vulnerabilities found by Project Zero.

readmoreeBay has no intent to fix vulnerability in its sales platform.

readmoreWhat’s going on over at Norse Corp? Krebs says that they are ‘imploding.’

What you missed in Tech News: January 25 – January 29!

readmoreHotel hosting Enigma Security conference was the victim of a data breach.

readmoreGoodby Java Plugin! And good riddance! Oracle announces the end of its hazardous plugin.

readmoreNSA Hacker Chief tells how to keep people like him out of your system.

readmoreCritical vulnerability in LG G3 smartphones in Smart Notice app lets hackers steal data.

readmoreElectric Authority in Israel experiences major cyberattack.

readmorecPanel hacked and exposed customers’ details and passwords.

readmoreLenovo backdoor uses 3rd worst password of all time.

readmoreFBI Servers hacked and exposed details of 80+ officers.

readmoreMore vulnerabilities found associated with Hello Barbie, this time with their web servers.

readmoreApple has access to your encrypted iMessages if you use iCloud Backup.

What you missed in Tech News: January 18 – January 22!

readmoreBe aware of the security (or lack thereof) of your IoT devices! Hacker hacks into baby monitor and scares toddler.

readmoreTwitter notified users they were targets of state-sponsored hacks, they suspect US government is responsible.

readmore10 months after discovery, backdoor vulnerability finally patched in AMX devices.

readmoreVulnerability in Intel driver utility tool allows hacker to remotely install malware.

readmoreOracle has released a record setting 248 patches!

readmoreLinux trojan found taking screen shots and recording audio.

readmoreBug in Asda’s website exposed customers’ information & payment details to hackers.

readmoreZero Day Vulnerability allows hackers to gain root access on Android or Linux apps.

readmoreLastPass password manager vulnerable to phishing attack.

readmoreTwo Factor Authentication may no longer be safe for Android users thanks to malware.

What you missed in Tech News: January 11 – January 15!

readmoreApple said it patched Gatekeeper last year but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

readmoreHyatt releases complete list of hotels that were hit with data breach last year.

readmoreAt least 33 malware disguised as legitimate banking apps found.

readmoreDutch police hacked into messages on the ‘uncrackable’ Blackberry.

readmoreFormer NSA director labels the NSA as the worlds best thieving hackers.

readmoreResearchers discovered a significant Zero Day vulnerability in Silverlight thanks to last year’s Hacking Team hack.

readmoreTeen who hacked CIA last year has no hacked the director of National Intelligence.

readmoreReminder! Older versions of Internet Explorer are losing technical support and security updates!

readmoreSecurity flaws in Trend Micro’s antivirus leaves PCs completely vulnerable to hackers

readmoreDon’t tell me BB8 joined the Dark Side! Vulnerability found in popular Star Wars toy.

What you missed in Tech News: January 4 – January 8!

readmoreGM is trying to get ahead of possible vulnerabilities by asking ‘friendly’ hackers to find and report them.

readmoreLatest ransomware infected a mere 600 servers before security analysts came up with a fix.

readmoreMalware attack leads to first power outage caused by hackers.

readmore320,000 TWC customers’ passwords have been compromised.

readmoreSevere vulnerability in Silent Circle Blackphone allows hackers to control device functions.

readmoreZerodium offering $100K bug bounty to hackers to discover new Flash Zero Day.

readmoreCloud host Linode resets passwords of entire user base after a suspected data breach.

readmoreOhio’s income tax agency loses backup disc that held 50,000 citizens’ records on it.

readmoreApple beats out the competition as having the most vulnerable software in 2015, surpassing even Adobe Flash!

readmoreHacktivist group New World Hacking have started a series of DDoS attacks and it’s just going to get worse.

What you missed in Tech News: December 28 – December 31!

readmoreValve apologizes, and provides more info on Steam data breach.

readmoreMicrosoft will start warning users of possible state-sponsored attacks.

readmoreConstruction escrow company leaks sensitive data online.

readmoreGoogle no longer allowing AVG to automatically install its Web TuneUp Chrome extension after 9m users were put at risk.

readmoreFlaws in Paypal security revealed after Brian Krebs account is compromised twice in one day!

readmoreWhat is the biggest threat to your network, and what can you do about it?

readmoreOregon VA announced data breach. Veteran information compromised.

readmoreTens of thousands of prisoners released early due to computer glitch in Washington.

readmoreDatabase carrying the information of around 191 million voters is leaked online.

readmoreChristmas Steam configuration gave users access to other users’ personal information.

What you missed in Tech News: December 21 – December 24!

readmoreHyatt hotels hit with point-of-sales malware.

readmoreBahamian detained after hacking celebrity info and trying to sell it.

readmoreBe sure to get the patch for Cisco’s IOS XE, which comes with a major vulnerability that could allow hackers to take control of network devices.

readmoreThomas Nelson school suffers data breach after data accidentally goes out in an email.

readmoreAnother healthcare data breach involving a stolen laptop.

readmoreAlliance Health suffers data breach.

readmoreFacebook makes a switch from Flash to HTML5.

readmoreUncle Maddios drops the ball on fixing security leak!

readmoreWisconsin counseling center reports data breach following burglary.

readmoreJuniper admits to two attacks from unauthorized code in ScreenOS, software that powers its firewall.

What you missed in Tech News: December 14 – December 18!

readmoreHZone has data breach and allegedly threatens to infect admin that reported it with HIV.

readmoreFormer security director of Multi-State Lottery Association used undetectable software to pick winning numbers for associates in multiple states.

readmoreResearchers hack into Linux by hitting backspace 28 times.

readmoreTarget back on the fire as it is revealed that their wish list app leaked personal data.

readmoreMultiple vulnerabilities found in multiple Android parking apps.

readmore10 leading retailers’ loyalty card programs have been compromised by hackers.

readmoreGoogle Project Zero discovers major flaw in FireEye kit.

readmoreCritical patch for serious vulnerability! If you’re using Joomla, get it now!

readmoreMacKeeper exposes data of 13 million users.

readmoreIn the midst of a cyberattack threat, web host Moonfruit has taken thousands of websites offline.

What you missed in Tech News: December 7 – December 11!

readmoreSteam announces plans to stop hackers from using Steam Trading to steal items.

readmoreWordPress hosting services WP Engine hacked.

readmoreNewly released report shows extent of OPM’s failure in regards to the data breach.

readmoreBlack boxes on ships found to be vulnerable to hacking and sabotage.

readmoreMicrosoft warns that Xbox Live is vulnerable after private keys are leaked.

readmoreUK’s academic network #Janet is under major DDoS attack.

readmoreMissoula school suffers major data breach. Info, including mental health details about students, is compromised.

readmoreAnonymous next move against ISIS: Troll the crap out of them!

readmoreMcAfee Security Manager allows remote attackers to bypass authentication with default username.

readmoreUnited Arab Emirates bank hit with data breach. Hacker releases sensitive data on Twitter.

What you missed in Tech News: November 30 – December 4!

readmoreDorkbot disrupted by law enforcement with help from security researchers.

readmoreA new wave of malvertising hits multiple adult websites, possibly leaving millions infected.

readmoreChina reportedly arrests suspects in OPM data breach case.

readmoreTarget reaches $39 million settlement with Mastercard and others over data breach.

readmoreAustralia government agency hacked. Fingers pointing at China.

readmoreVtech data breach much worse than anticipated. 6 million+ children affected.

readmoreGCHQ continues “persistent” illegal hacking of devices.

readmoreCryptoPeak is targeting large corporations using HTTPS on their websites after acquiring patent.

readmoreLaw enforcement across 27 nations collaborate to take down 37,479 counterfeit sites.

readmoreMicrophone and WiFi enabled Hello Barbie is vulnerable to hacking.

What you missed in Tech News: November 23 – November 27!

readmoreAnother Dell certificate issue unearthed.

readmoreA $10 device can guess your next AmEx credit card number and expiration date.

readmoreAir Force may be investigating possible data breach.

readmoreHilton WorldWide confirms PoS malware data breach.

readmoreAmazon has to force reset an unknown number of passwords.

readmoreHacktivist group Ghost Security Group is using its resources to reduce the threat of ISIS.

readmoreDell computers have been shipped with built in security flaw.

readmorePatreon members receive extortion email.

readmoreWith the holidays coming up on us, here are some great gifts for the hacker in your life!

readmorePearson VUE suffers data breach, user info compromised.

What you missed in Tech News: November 16 – November 20!

readmoreIT employee fired, and notifications begin in Georgia data breach.

readmoreGoogle’s VirusTotal is now offering malware scanning for Mac users.

readmoreCarnegie Mellon implies that Tor accusations are false.

readmoreSiri will unlock your phone for anyone who asks her what you’re doing on Friday. No, really.

readmoreAndroid Gmail flaw lets you spoof email addresses.

readmoreTwo years later, cybercrime tool Blackhole seems to be making a comeback.

readmoreAnonymous begins leaking information of alleged ISIS members.

readmoreHealthcare industry suffers after another data breach in North Carolina.

readmoreChrome Zero Day places millions of Android mobile phone users at risk of being hijacked.

readmoreNew POS malware, AbaddonPOS, discovered.

What you missed in Tech News: November 9 – November 13!

readmoreMalicious base stations used to intercept calls made on Samsung S6, S6 Edge, and Note 4.

readmoreMillions of phone calls from prisons compromised in Securus data breach.

readmoreNSA whistleblower tells all in Reddit Ask Me Anything.

readmoreSomeone is using Just Eat in a phishing scam.

readmoreThree charged in JP Morgan data breach, largest breach in US history.

readmoreComcast resetting 200,000 passwords after they showed up for sale on the dark web.

readmoreNew ransom ware goes after websites hosted on Linux servers.

readmoreGet this fix for Ransomeware Cryptowall 4 so that you don’t get infected by the malware!

readmoreCyberCaliphate hacks 54,000 Twitter accounts, including accounts belonging to government agencies’ leaders.

readmoreProtonMail DDoS attacks extend to Day 6.

What you missed in Tech News: November 2 – November 6!

readmoreTalkTalk says only 156,959 customers were affected in data breach.

readmoreHackers change grades at North Carolina high school.

readmoreOPKKK as dropped the list of alleged KKK members.

readmorevBulletin announces mandatory password reset following data breach.

readmoreBlackBerry promises monthly Android security patches and immediate fixes for critical cases.

readmoreJust in case you didn’t know your Android was full of vulnerabilities… here’s another one affected 100 million.

readmoreA hacker has found a way to steal password vaults from KeePass and similar password managers.

readmoreAnonymous’ OpKKK denies involvement with released list of KKK members, still plan to release their own on 11/5.

readmoreHackers figure out how to remotely take over new iPhones for $1 million bounty.

readmoreVodafone UK hit with data breach. Almost 2,000 people affected.

What you missed in Tech News: October 26 – October 30!

readmoreAnother arrest, and more details emerge in TalkTalk data breach

readmore000 Web Host hit by data breach, 13 million affected.

readmoreZero Day Vulnerability dubbed FrostyURL can take down operational networks with a simple URL

readmoreSt Francis Health System data breach affects thousands.

readmoreMarks & Spencer website leaks customer details.

readmoreDespite heavy criticism on privacy issues, CISA sails through the Senate.

readmoreDon’t expect privacy when using WhatsApp, research shows the app collects data during calls

readmoreArrest made in TalkTalk case, and government inquiry launched in to their security practices.

readmoreNearly a thousand CCTV cameras have become a tool for hackers to use in DDOS attacks

readmoreStarbug cracks iris-recognition security with high-res images

What you missed in Tech News: October 19 – October 23!

readmoreCISA moves forward in the Senate despite vocal lack of support from tech giants, Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.

readmoreApple and Dropbox voice concerns over cybersecurity bill, CISA.

readmoreReports of Cybersecurity researchers being harassed, even deported by government agencies.

readmoreBritish bill to be introduced that would allow spies to hack into citizens’ devices.

readmoreYour Fitbit could be used to spread malware to devices!

readmoreTeens arrested for hacking in to school computers and changed grades and schedules.

readmorePharmacy2U fined for breach of Data Protection Act, but is it enough?

readmoreTeen hacks into CIA Director’s and DHS Security Secretary’s accounts, and brags to world. All 3 look stupid.

readmoreDiffie-Hellman: Can the NSA really read most of the world’s encrypted traffic?

readmoreiKettle found to be easily hackable, and could leak your wi-fi password.

What you missed in Tech News: October 12 – October 16!

readmoreAdobe to release emergency patch to resolve Flash 0Day next week

readmoreUS Navy is going back to the basics and teaching celestial navigation due to hacking concerns

readmoreBug in Facebook allows users to see view counts on their personal posts, along with others’ personal posts

readmoreSiri and GoogleNow can be taken over by radio waves from up to 16 feet away!

readmoreCalifornia governor, Jerry Brown, signs 3 new data breach notifications bills in to law

readmoreFBI has taken down the Dridex trojan, which has been responsible for $40M+ lost worldwide

readmoreAnother 0Day exploit for Adobe Flash. Has anyone not uninstalled that yet?

readmoreWhat’s scarier than a USB drive that fries your machine with 110-voltage? One that does it with 220! USB Killer 2.0

readmoreAmerica’s ThriftStores hit by data breach. Payment information compromised

readmoreThousands of Netgear routers affected by vulnerability that allows hackers to access router settings

What you missed in Tech News: October 5 – October 9!

readmoreUpdate Avast for your patch now! Zero-day vulnerability found in Avast Antivirus

readmoreHillary Clinton’s servers were hit by attacks from multiple foreign countries.

readmoreWhat effect will the LoopPay hack have on SamsungPay? Samsung says none.

readmoreAn Iranian hacking group known as Cleaver has built a LinkedIn phishing network

readmoreHack In The Box talk cancelled due to legal pressure from IP Camera manufacturers.

readmoreRemote execution and denial of service vulnerabilities found in popular Huawei 4G USB modem

readmoreBackdoor vulnerability in Microsoft OWA allows hackers to gain access to thousands of users’ credentials

readmoreGoogle patches multiple flaws, including Stagefright 2.0

readmoreThink you’re safe because your iOS device isn’t jailbroken? Think again!

readmoreIn an interview, Edward Snowden says the government can take over our smartphones

What you missed in Tech News: September 28 – October 2!

readmorePatreon hacked: Donors unasked & passwords, emails, tax IDs, etc. stolen

readmoreAnother major retailer, this time Costco, confirms that their photo center was hacked!

readmoreMajor WinRAR vulnerability could allow hackers to compromise user systems

readmoreTrump Hotel Collection confirms malware infection on PoS systems

readmoreEdward Snowden joined Twitter, followed the NSA, and had a chat with Neil Degrasse Tyson

readmoreDerbyCon talk reveals thousands of hackable medical devices and their information are available online!

readmoreRutgers University invested $3M into their cybersecurity but were still taken down by a hacker using DDoS attacks

readmoreOldham Schools data breach affects 2,800 current and former students

readmoreA new tool has been created to identify malware in shortened URLs on Twitter

readmoreHilton Worldwide is looking in to the possibility that customer credit card info was hacked

What you missed in Tech News: September 21 – September 25!

readmoreATM malware discovered in Mexico, allows attackers to empty and wipe the machines.

readmoreNHS approved apps send personal and medical data over the internet, with no encryption.

readmoreUber customers find that their accounts are being charged for rides in China!

readmoreVERY simple lock screen bypass found for Apple’s iOS 9. Guard your phones!

readmoreZerodium offers $1 million Bug Bounty for Apple iOS 9 jailbreak/exploits

readmoreResearcher to detail Memory Protection bypass, which Microsoft disregarded, at DerbyCon

readmoreMorgan Stanley fired in connection to Data Breach, pleads Guilty to taking account data.

readmore23 Critical Vulnerabilities are patched for Adobe Flash Player

readmoreData Breach! 1.5 Million Americans’ medical records exposed on Amazon by Systema Software

readmoreApple hit by large scale malware attack! Do you have one of the affected apps?

What you missed in Tech News: September 8 – September 11!

readmoreIf you use any ICS products by Japanese vendor Yokogawa, you need to be aware of these vulnerabilities

readmoreVulnerability found in VXWorks, the OS used in the Curiosity Mars Rover and Boeing 787 Dreamliners

readmoreDespite reportedly high level encryption, 11 million Ashley Madison passwords are cracked

readmoreiOS 9 coming with improved security feature: 2 extra digits to a user’s passcode

readmoreAndroid users beware! Ransomware could cost you hundreds just to unlock your phone

readmoreJohn McAfee… our next presidential candidate?

readmoreWhatsApp vulnerability may have affected 200 million customers’ information

readmoreAlmost 80,000 Cal State students’ info exposed in third-party data breach!

readmoreZero-day vulnerabilities found in Kaspersky and Fire-Eye antivirus products

readmoreSomeone figured out that the best place to get vulnerabilities is the Mozilla Bugzilla bug tracking system!

What you missed in Tech News: August 31 – September 4!

readmoreHP pulls out of Pwn2Own, cites Wassener Arrangement.

readmoreHacker claiming to have Hillary Clinton emails is asking for $500,000!

readmoreKiss rocker, Gene Simmons ups cybersecurity after someone used his internet to download child pornography.

readmoreNew Android ransom ware comes in the guise of a video game app.

readmoreNetflix releases flaw detection tool, Sleepy Puppy.

readmoreGovernment still hasn’t informed over 21 million people who were affected by the OPM data breach

readmoreWHSmith Data Breach: Hundreds of customers affected by misconfigured “Contact Us” form.

readmoreGoogle, Microsoft, and Mozilla announce dates for dropping the RC4 cypher.

readmoreData Breach! Minnesota driver’s licenses compromised by server update.

readmoreSupercookies are now threatening your privacy.

What you missed in Tech News: August 24 – August 28!

readmore 220,ooo iCloud accounts hacked through jailbroken iPhones and iPads

readmore California agencies seriously flunk a cyber security audit. Californians’ data at risk.

readmore Apple iOS vulnerability, Ins0mnia, allows attackers to steal location and other data.

readmore John McAfee is back in the headlines – this time claiming he’s cracked the Ashley Madison case.

readmore Hackers may be able to remotely control these routers due to hard-coded credentials

readmoreHacker uses 3D printer to create high-heels that allows her to hide a pen-test kit

readmore Ashely Madison leak shows ex-CTO hacked a competitor’s site and knew of ALM’s security vulnerabilities

readmore FTC officially granted the ability to sue Wyndham for “Unfair” security practices

readmore Android Dolphin Browser and Mercury Browser both face zero-day vulnerabilities – users beware!

readmoreUp to 50,000 VA workers using unauthorized chat, Yammer, for official conversations.

What you missed in Tech News: August 17 – August 21!

readmore FCC ruling has SmartCity paying a $750,000 civil penalty for Mobile WiFi blocking.

readmore Deja Vu! Another Android vulnerability revealed. This one affects all versions of Android!

readmore Make sure your iOS is updated to the latest version so this vulnerability won’t affect you!

readmore Spotify users: Check out your lack of privacy from their new privacy policy.

readmore 93,000 customers’ credit card information compromised in hack

readmore Target  has reached a $67M settlement with Visa for the 2013 data breach that affected more than 40 million debit and credit cards

readmore The newest vulnerability to Android can allow others to abuse device owners’ privacy

readmore IRS hack turns out to be twice as large as originally thought!

readmore Flaw in BitTorrent leaves millions vulnerable to becoming stooges for a DDoS attack.

readmore An Italian teenager found 2 zero day vulnerabilities in Apple’s OS X just days after their last OS X patch

What you missed in Tech News: August 10 – August 14!

readmore Apple released major patches, be sure to update your systems!

readmore Kaspersky coming under fire after ‘revelations’ about faking malware from 2 former employees

readmore Not being called a vulnerability, but Cisco networking gear is at risk of being hijacked

readmore Android Google Admin app users need to be careful until they patch this new vulnerability!

readmore Team of hackers and traders indicted for largest known hacking/fraud case

readmore Vulnerabilities revealed in mobile POS systems through both hardware and software hacks

readmore BMW already owns Alphabet trademark, you’d think Google would have googled it first

readmore Hacking Team zero-day being used for Dark Hotel attacks

readmore Carphone reveals that Hackers accessed 2.4 million customers’ data 3 days after the breach

readmore HTC OneMax stores fingerprints as world-readable cleartext, leaving you vulnerable to attack

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: August 3 – August 7!

readmoreAnother day, another vulnerability, this time for Firefox, go get the patch for it!

readmore BLEkey, a device that breaks RFID Physical Access Controls released at Blackhat. .

readmore Husband and wife hack into a sniper rifle and will share their findings at Defcon today

readmore Tesla Model S owners- be sure you have the patch before vulnerabilities are exposed at Defcon.

readmore  John McAfee arrested in Tennessee! Check out that mugshot!

readmore  Flash Vulnerabilities in Yahoo ads targeted by hackers!

readmore Windows10 is already a target for hackers. Remember the Golden Rule: Don’t Click Shit.

readmore Another vulnerability for Android users to worry about!

readmore Google to start its own version of Patch Tuesday with Nexus phones. Android users rejoice!

readmore GPS Satellite networks now at risk from hackers.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: July 27 – July 31!

readmore You can hack self-aiming rifles, and change their targets.

readmore  Apparently, these guys don’t have time for ransomware. They just threaten to DDos attack you.

readmore  Did the same Chinede group hack United Airlines, OPM, and Anthem?

readmore  Neiman Marcus ruling sets data breach lawsuit precedent! This could get interesting!

readmore  NIST releases mobile device security guidelines for the first time. Will healthcare pay attention?

readmore Windows 10 is out! Of course, it already has a major security risk.

readmore  Healthfirst hit by data breach. 5,300 letters are being mailed. Ignore phishing emails!

readmore  Android’s newly discovered Stagefright critical vulnerability could affect 950 million.

readmore  Valve patches password reset vulnerability in Steam.

readmore  Planned Parenthood says they were hacked for second time in a week.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: July 20 – July 24!

readmore  Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.5 million cars due to possible vulnerabilities.

readmore  Anonymous claims to have hacked US Census Bureau.

readmore Numbers on Army National Guard hack roll in. 850,000 service members affected.

readmore Leaked emails expose Hacking Team & Boeing subsidiary plans to build a spyware drone.

readmore Reports say Microsoft will buy cybersecurity company, Adallom for $320 million.

readmore HP’s Zero Day Initiative releases 4 Internet Explorer Zero Days.

readmore  Car hacking gets deadly. Patch your firmware, Jeepers!

readmore Data breach at UCLA Health affects 4.5 million people’s personal info.

readmore Ashley Madison’s parent company hacked! Hackers release some user information.

readmore  Ashley Madison hackers start to release user information.

tech news

What you missed in Tech News: July 12 – July 17!

readmore CVS takes down its online photo center. Data breach being investigated.

readmore  Ex-employees being investigated in connections to theHacking Team hack case.

readmore  EFF celebrating its 25th anniversary!

readmore  Oracle releases 193 patches, including a fix for the Java zero day exploit.

readmore  Two months are after the OPM hack was discovered, and 21.5 million people have yet to be notified.

readmore  Another day, another Healthcare data breach UPMC.

readmore Epic Games forums hit with data breach. User information compromised.

readmore  Infamous Cybercrime forum, Darkode shut down by law enforcement. Multiple seizures & arrests.

readmore Army National Guard hit by data breach. Members going back to 2004 affected.

readmore Hacking Team is promising to rebuild and return strong with their surveillance software.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: July 5 – July 9!

readmore OPM says with “high confidence” that 21.5 million people are affected by hack.

readmore OpenSSL releases patch for SEVERE Certificate Forgery bug.

readmore  Third-Party  PoS systems at nine zoos, including Detroit Zoo, have suffered a data breach!

readmore Microsoft writes off Nokia, announces layoffs that will affect another 7800 people.

readmore Italian Spyware company, Hacking Team hacked, and the data dumped online by PhineasFisher.

readmore Zero Day Flash vulnerability in Hacking Team leaked data.

readmore  Adobe to patch Hacking Team zero day, but it’s already being exploited. 

readmore  OPM Director Archuleta resigns!

readmore  NYSE says Wednesday’s outage was a software update glitch.

readmore  Firekeepers data breach affects 85,000 cardholders.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: June 29 – July 3!

readmore  Plex server hacked! Time to change those passwords!

readmore  Harvard University announces data breach.

readmore Cisco patches three virtual appliances with vulnerable SSH encryption keys.

readmore  Class-action lawsuit against OPM “alleges OPM Officials Failed to Protect Employees’ Data”.

readmoreWell-known security researcher,  Dotmudge, leaves Google for White House.

readmoreMan emails 97,000+ people to warn they’ve been breached.

readmore   Trump Hotel Properties investigating possible data breach.

readmore  Cisco ships UCDM platform with default, static password shortly after announcing the SSH encryption key mishap.

readmore  OPM suspends use of online background check system after discovering vulunerability.

readmore Apple patches dozens of flaws in new updates.

What you missed in Tech News: June 22 – June 26!

readmore OPM hack fallout balloons to 18 million affected.

readmore  Flaw in Samsung Galaxy devices leaves millions vulnerable to hackers.

readmore  Montefiore: Hospital suffers data breach that affects more than 12,000 patients.

readmore Hershey Entertainment investigates possible data breach.

readmore  Cisco releases patch for several security appliances with SSH Key Flaw.

readmore  Phishing scam hits customers.

readmore HP releases details of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer vulnerabilities that have yet to be patched!

readmore FBI says Cryptowall has cost victims upwards of $18 million since 2014.

readmore  Polish airline, LOT, taken down temporarily by hackers.

readmore  Google patches five Chrome bugs.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: June 15 – June 19!

readmore  UC Irvine Medical Center suffers data breach. Almost 5000 affected.

readmore Lingerie site suffers data breach. No word on how many are affected yet.

readmore  Secret Service agent pleads guilty in SilkRoad case.

readmore  EFF releases Who Has Your Back? Report. Who’s awesome and who’s slacking?
readmore  Reddit is making the jump to HTTPS.

readmore  New vulnerabilities found in Apple’s OSX and iOS.

readmore Chip and PIN (EMV) cards: Not the holy grail the CC companies are touting them to be?

readmore  Update on Retail Cyber security in the last 18 months.

readmore  Stegoloader: The malware that hides in images on legitimate websites.

readmore Cardinals officials hack in to Astros’ network, exposing the fact that the MLB gets an F in cybersecurity.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: June 8 – June 12!

readmore OpenSSL patches 5 vulnerabilities and adds protection against Logjam.

readmore Mail bug on iOS & OSX opens door to Phishing attacks.

readmore Kaspersky: Nation state is behind attack on their systems; Spies listening in on Iran Nuclear Program negotiations.

readmore Remember Celebgate aka The Fappening? It was much bigger than originally reported, & Investigators have begun raids.

readmore False OPM hack emails being used to phish Department of Defense employees.

readmore Federal Agencies to move to HTTPS connections only. How has this not already happened?!

readmore  Adobe patches 13 vulnerabilities in Flash!

readmore OPM was warned in 2014 that their cybersecurity was subpar by a FISMA audit.

readmore Wind Turbine software found to be vulnerable.

readmore PCA3 drug-infusion pumps found to have multiple vulnerabilities.

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: June 1 – June 5!

readmore  Pirate Bay co-founder released from Swedish prison.

readmore  U.S. Government suffers massive data breach. 4 Million records compromised.

readmore  Ransomware author decrypts infected computers.

readmore  Microsoft to support SSH in Windows.

readmore  Heartland Payment Systems suffers data breach. 

readmore  Multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Dlink devices.

readmore  Firmware bug in Apple’s OSX could allow for installation of low-level rootkits.

readmore Researcher discovers a way to open almost any garage in 10 seconds with a child’s toy.

readmore  Senate passes USA Freedom Act.

readmore U.S. Healthworks data breach. An unencrypted laptop with sensitive patient data left in a car. SERIOUSLY?!

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: May 25 – May 29!

readmore  Android’s Blockchain releases security update

readmore Scam: If you get a call to “confirm a transaction” and they want your credit card security number…DON’T DO IT!

readmore  The IRS has been cutting Cybersecurity staff despite a growing security budget in the last 4 years.

readmore  How a simple text message could take down your iPhone

readmore Malicious Minecraft app hits Android users.

readmore  IRS hit with data breach. 100,000+ Affected.

readmore  Remember the $19M settlement between Target and Mastercard? Yeah, that didn’t quite work out.

 readmore Sendio patches two remote executable vulnerabilities

readmore  Adult FriendFinder database on sale for over $16,000!

readmore Student creates Maurader’s Map for Facebook, and it’s creepy how accurately it can track us.

tech news

What you missed in Tech News: May 18 – May 22!

readmore Android factory reset fails to clear all private data

readmore  Alleged Nullcrew hacker taken in to custody

readmore Researchers release security guidelines for medical devices

readmore  Polish researchers release information on multiple Google App Engine vulnerabilities.

readmore  Time to update! Oracle patches VENOM vulnerability

readmore University of London’s Learning Platform taken down by DDOS

readmore Adult FriendFinder hacked. 3.9 million exposed, including accounts thought to be deleted.

 readmoreCareFirst BlueCross BlueShield hit by data breach

readmore Popular Betty’s Tea website hit with data breach. Over 100k Affected.

readmore  FBI says banned researcher admitted to hacking plane.

may 18What you missed in Tech News: May 11 – May 15!

readmore  Milton Security announces BsidesLV Stellar Sponsorship!

readmore Remotely Exploitable vulnerabilities in SAP Sompression Algorithms – Say that 5 times fast.

readmore  New exploit, VENOM, could make Heartbleed look tame.

readmore  SOHO routers being exploited for DDoS attacks

readmore $9 computer? Yeah, that happened. It’s called CHIP!

readmore  Zero Day Remote Code Execution vulnerability found in MacKeeper

readmore Firekeepers Casino in Michigan investigates possible data breach

readmoreSite used by non-profit organizations to process tax forms is hit by a data breach

readmore  Windows 10 to be the last Windows, according to Microsoft

readmore  Sally Beauty confirms payment card data breach

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: May 4 – May 8!

readmore Prep time! Critical Adobe updates coming out next Tuesday!

readmore More woes for WordPress! Rumors swirl about sites being compromised.

readmore Microsoft rids themselves of Patch Tuesday

readmore Federal Appeals Court rules that NSA phone spying violates Patriot Act

readmore Apple patches multiple vulnerabilities in Safari

readmore Ellis Lab Data Breach: It only takes one stolen set of credentials.

readmore Sally Beauty Supply investigating possible data breach

readmore Cisco patches remote code execution bug in UCS Central Software.

readmore Defcon 23 to hold an Internet of Things hacking contest.

readmore USB Kill: wipes your computer if it falls in to the hands of the fuzz.

may 4

What you missed in Tech News: April 27 – May 1!

readmore Partners Healthcare suffers data breach!

readmore Hard Rock Hotel &Casino in Las Vegas hit with data breach!

readmore Google’s new password alert has already been bypassed…fairly easily.

readmore Mozilla is planning to make HTTP sites incompatible with Firefox. HTTPS ONLY!

readmore  A few dozen flights delayed after American Airlines pilots’ iPads crashed

readmore  MySQL database vulnerability revealed.

readmore Facebook’s login page is being hijacked by the Great Firewall of China

readmore  Remote code execution flaw found in Paypal web server

readmore Navy man implants NFC chip in hand, proves it can bypass almost any security, & launches attacks on Android

readmore WordPress hit with two zero day vulnerabilities.

tech news

What you missed in Tech News: April 20 – April 24!

readmore Starbucks outage not a data breach, just a Bad PoS config!

readmore My Freedom Smokes website suffers data breach. Customer financial data may have been stolen.

readmore DOD looking to innovate. Seeks out “Partners”.

readmore City of TaiPei announces data breach of secretariat computers

readmore Costa Coffee warns of potential data breach

readmore A video game that expects you to hack it to win? Tell us more.

readmore Zero Day vulnerability discovered in iOS8 that can render any iOS device unusable.

readmore NSA hacking contest won by Naval Academy midshipmen

readmore Apple iOS 8.4 already Jailbroken

readmore White House hit by data mining toolset, Cozy Duke 

tech news

What you missed in Tech News: April 13 – April 17!

readmore  HSBC Finance suffers data breach

readmore  Wikileaks posts hundreds of thousands of leaked docs and emails from the Sony data breach!

readmore  Personal Information, Public Action. What effects will the new Executive Order have?

readmore  EU begins antitrust investigation into Android.

readmore  New report says that the FAA needs serious information security upgrades.

readmore  Target and Mastercard are approaching a settlement. Reports put the amount at $20 million!

readmore  “Edward’s Snow Den” ends up in the White House.

readmore  USCert warns DNS server admins to double check their configurations, so as not to leak sensitive data.

readmore  Verizon releases 2015 data breach Investigations Report!

readmore New vulnerability discovered that affects all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.


tech news

What you missed in Tech News: April 6 – April 10!

readmore  Florida teen charged with felony after hacking in to school computer.

readmore  Data Breach costs AT&T 25 million dollars!

readmore  FBI: If you aren’t updating your WordPress, expect to be hit by ISIS!

readmore  Apple patches a whopping 80 Yosemite bugs.

readmore  White Lodging suffers another data breach. Third time’s the charm?

readmore  Singapore’s Singtel buys US Cybersecurity firm Trustwave.

readmore  Critical WordPress vulnerability strikes again!

readmore  Two NTP key vulnerabilities patched.

readmore  Firefox 37: A Cautionary Tale of How Sometimes Updates Can Hurt More Than Help

readmore UC Riverside data breach affects 8,000 graduate students and graduate applicants. 

Tech News

What you missed in Tech News: March 30 – April 3!

readmore  Anonymous leaks alleged messages from a Kremlin official that suggests they bribed French politician, Marine Le Pen.

readmore  IBM uncovers Dyre Wolf, new scheme that’s already raked in over $1 million

readmore  Data Breach in Florida Department of Elections!

readmore  Auburn University announces data breach

readmore  Philadelphia fire Dept. announces data breach from 2012!

readmore  Virginia Beach announces data breach investigation.

readmore  Biggby coffee suffers data breach, customers and job applicants affected.

readmore  Time to update! VMWare fixes critical information disclosure vulnerability.

readmore  Sanctions against suspected cyber criminals were announced yesterday.

readmore Flaw found in YouTube that would allow an attacker to delete any video. 

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: March 23 – March 27!

readmore  Hotel Chains shore up their remote vulnerabilities, but what kind of damage is already done?

readmore  Slack database breached.

readmore  Schneider Electric patches multiple HMI vulnerabilities

readmore  Github under large-scale DDoS attack, which appears to be originating in China.

readmore  Indiana State Medical Association hard drives containing personal info, stolen.

readmore  Researcher hacks smart bracelets like Fitbit, with an app and some human hacking.

readmore  Programmer hacks Tinder, convinces men that they’re talking to women when they are really talking to each other.

readmore  Ransomware interrupts testing for two days in New Jersey school district

readmore  Half of all Android users exposed to attack via installation vulnerability

readmore Vulnerabilities discovered in Cisco IP Phones could let attackers listen in, or make calls! 

march 23What you missed in Tech News: March 16- March 20!

readmore  Pwn2Own Day 2 sees 4 major browsers taken down by two researchers.

readmore  Drupal patches critical vulnerability involving password resets

readmore  Open Source and Security. Do they mesh?

readmore   Target to pay $10M to cover data breach victims that can prove they’ve lost time and money.

readmore  Microsoft adds biometric authentication to Windows 10.

readmore  OpenSSL to release updates that will patch multiple vulnerabilities, including one that is “High Severity”.

readmore  Another Healthcare breach! Premera Blue Cross data breach could affect 11 million people!

readmore  Yahoo offers $24k to hacker who reported three critical security vulnerabilities!

readmore  Uber driver is suing for $5 million in the aftermath of data breach

readmore Canadian bank to launch cardless ATM’s, but will it be any more secure than cards? 

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: March 9- March 13!

readmore  Adobe releases 11 critical vulnerability patches

readmore  Senate Intelligence Committee passes Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, CISA

readmore  USB flash drives are being hacked to fry your computer.
readmore   Google demonstrates how hackers could use memory leaks to corrupt memory and bypass security.

readmore  More evidence emerges that may tie the NSA to infamous Equation Hacker Group

readmore  WordPress plugin vulnerability affects millions…again.

readmore  Orange Park, FL robbed of almost a half of a million dollars by hackers.

readmore  Patches are not foolproof, as we recently saw with the MS10-46 patch. Perhaps it’s time to change the game.

readmore  Mo’ clients, mo’ problems? Why going with a small company for data protection might be the way to go.

readmore Hackers on a Plane? FAA declared vulnerable to attack. 


march 9

What you missed in Tech News: March 2- March 6!

readmore  56 hackers arrested in massive UK raid.

readmore  Is France spying on everyone, just like the US and UK? Well, yeah. Who isn’t?

readmore  Experts weigh-in on CSI Cyber: What did they get and what did they get wrong?

readmore   Data Breach in some of Mandarin Oriental’s credit card systems. Affected numbers currently unknown.

readmore  Why is everyone freaking out about Freak? Well, let’s talk about that.

readmore  Anthem won’t allow federal audit of IT systems following data breach.

readmore  Changes to Google’s Lollipop encryption does not mean users should relax on other security, like PINs.

readmore  GoPro vulnerability exposes customer wireless credentials

readmore  Rogers hacked by a group calling themselves TeamHans. Large number of corporate docs dumped.

readmore Seagate Zero Day vulnerability allows unauthorized remoter root access.


tech news

What you missed in Tech News: February 23- February 27!

readmore  Uber suffers Data Breach! 50,000 drivers affected.

readmore  Millions of Non-Anthem customers affected by the Anthem data breach.

readmore  Samsung’s new tvs send only encrypted data transmissions…oh wait, no they don’t.

readmore   Leonard Nimoy Passes Away.  We all die a little inside.

readmore  Maryland MTA Real-Time data made public by “civil hackers”, offered as mobile app.

readmore  Twilio acquires 2FA service, Authy

readmore  Companies invest in damage control rather than Network Security. Don’t we deserve companies who protect our data?!

readmore  Lenovo hacked. Lizard Squad members or associates may be involved.

readmore  Gemalto says that if the NSA and GCQH attempted to break in to their secure servers, they failed.

readmore  Vulnerability discovered in popular WordPress plugin. 1.3 Million affected. 

tech news

What you missed in Tech News: February 16- February 20!

readmore  Google releases Cloud-Based Wep App vulnerability scanner

readmore  Snowden claims that NSA & GCHQ hacked in to SIM Card company in order to spy on us all.

readmore  Microsoft releases info how to configure encryption for Office 365

readmore   Lenovo’s Superfish:  Just software, or malware in disguise?

readmore web servers breached. Personal Data compromised!

readmore  Http 2.0 is out! What does this mean for us internet users?!

readmore  A little malware with your cheese? Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver’s website hacked.

readmore  2009 saw a dip in NAC sales, but since then we’ve seen a sharp rise in data breaches. Coincidence? Unlikely.

readmore  Money-spitting ATM leads to the discovery of a massive bank robbery via malware.

readmore  Why aren’t companies taking data breaches seriously? Would you connect to those businesses? A look at key tools. 

feb 17

What you missed in Tech News: February 9- February 13!

readmore  Netatmo accidentally exposes wifi passwords in clear text.

readmore  When it comes to cyber security, many of the top tools are maintained by tiny organizations. Bigger is not Better.

readmore  Chipotle Twitter account hacked(for real this time).

readmore   Do you have any employees who remote in? Hope you paid particular attention to these Patch Tuesday fixes.

readmore  Think all you need is Antivirus? Think again! A look at network security misconceptions.

readmore  FBI releases TLP:Green on LusyPOS. A look at the many ways that companies can protect against the growing threat.

readmore  Anonymous planning coordinated hack aimed at exposing UK child sex offenders.

readmore  Newsweek Twitter hacked by group claiming to be affiliated with ISIS.

readmore  New Kali Linux released! Faster and more stable!

readmore  Siemens patches vulnerabilities in some versions of Simatic WinCC SCADA.

Tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: February 2- February 6!

readmore  Major increase seen e-filing of tax returns. What action do you need to take?

readmore  Amy Pascal to step down at Sony. Is it a direct result of the data breach?

readmore   Milton has pledged a monthly donation to GPG! 1 developer is maintaining it and he needs help!

readmore   Anthem breach could affect 80M people. They could also be looking at major HIPAA violations.

readmore  Ghost malware is attacking business-critical apps. Are your systems up-to-date?

readmore  New report says 58% of large companies have experienced DDoS attacks.

readmore  Unpatched Adobe Flash vulnerability under attack!

readmore  Major vulnerability in Internet Explorer leaves XSS open. Even sites secured by SSL at risk.

readmore  Popular Android apps found to have adware. Two most popular: Durak and IQ Test.

readmore  Atlassian discovers unauthorized access toHipChat. Time to change your passwords!

Feb 2What you missed in Tech News: January 26 – January 30!

readmore  What are the ramifications of the recent BMW ConnectedDrive vulnerability?

readmore  Newly released Microsoft Outlook App isn’t exactly secure.

readmore   Pirate Bay to rise from the ashes.

readmore   Snowden releases information on Canadian spy tactics. What’s the deal with these slow leaks?

readmore  NSA, Regin, malware, QWERTY keylogger. What’s the link here?

readmore  Congress began working on data breach legislation yesterday. There was a lot of talk about notification.

readmore  Ghost vulnerability in all Linux systems dating back to 2000. Remote attacks can gain control of the machines.

readmore  Vivaldi, dubbed the browser for tech users, debuts it’s Technical Preview.

readmore  Thunderstrike vulnerability finally being patched in Apple’s Yosemite

readmore  Adobe patches another Flash vulnerability. Update! 

Tech NewsWhat you missed in Tech News: January 19 – January 23!

readmore  Did you download Windows 10 preview yet?

readmore  Gauges that detect and prevent fuel leaks at 5K+ gas stations in the U.S. are vulnerable to remote attack.

readmore   Looks like it’s Apple’s turn! Google reveals 3 Zero Day OSX vulnerabilities.

readmore   Adobe releases emergency update for Flash, addressing a Zero-Day vulnerability.

readmore  New blog on the future of cybersecurity & control over collected information from James McMurry

readmore  Does your car have a wireless dongle for your insurance? It might be vulnerable to hacking.

readmore  Minecraft hacked! 1,800 accounts leaked. Could this be only a fraction of a much larger hack?

readmore  Rumors of a new WhatsApp Plus having anything to do with the actual WhatsApp have been greatly exaggerated.

readmore  Turns out the Lizard Squad wasn’t that big on security: Hacked customer info was kept in plain text.

readmore  New Snowden revelations say that China stole F-35 Lightning-II Jet data from Australia.

Jan 19What you missed in Tech News: January 12 – January 16!

readmore  Jimmy Kimmel’s interviewer asks people what their passwords are… and they tell her.

readmore  Hackers take over NY Post & UPI Twitter feeds, and announce fake WWIII between US and China.

readmore   Google reveals third Windows vulnerability before Microsoft has come out with a patch.

readmore   All retailers, healthcare & pharmaceutical firms in new study suffered cyber attacks in the first half of 2014.

readmore  Marriott finally agrees to stop blocking personal wifi hotspots.

readmore  Adobe patches nine Flash vulnerabilities

readmore  Park n’ Fly notifies customers of a data breach. Payment Card information exposed.

readmore  Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the UK Prime Minister threatens to ban encrypted messaging with no backdoor.

readmore  Obama calling for 30 Day data breach notification law

readmore  Hackers claiming to be ISIS take control of US Command Central’s Twitter.

jan 12

What you missed in Tech News: January 5 – January 9!

readmore  Top Retail Breaches of 2014 broken down

readmore  Anonymous threatens cyber revenge in retaliation for the Charlie Hebdo attack

readmore   GoGo in-flight internet service issues fake SSL certs to its own users

readmore   Glitch in OS X Spotlight can expose private email details. Oops!

readmore  Microsoft’s Patch Advance Notification Service will only be available at a price

readmore  CES offerings magnify the need for network security in the age of Internet of Things

readmore  $5 million in bitcoins stolen in raid on BitStamp

readmore  FBI defends its Sony accusation against North Korea: Attackers got sloppy

readmore  USPS data breach: 485,000 Employee Medical Records may have been compromised

readmore  Morgan Stanley data breach: Employee steals private data on over 900 customers

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: December 29- January 2!

readmore  FCC announces vote on Net Neutrality will commence in February

readmore  U.S. puts sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for the Sony hack.

readmore   India blocks 32 websites(rescinds 4) for carrying anti-India content from ISIS

readmore   Krebs on Security under attack byLizard Quad afterBrian Krebs outs members for Christmas attack.

readmore  Google finds Zero Day privilege escalation vulnerability in Windows 8.1

readmore  Milton CEO breaks down Sony attack.

readmore  Chik-Fil-A data breach confirmed! Approx. 9,000 credit cards affected

readmore  The latest Anonymous dump? May not be that big of a deal.

readmore  North Korea did it! Sony did it! That guy did it!

readmore  German Minister of Defense’s fingerprint reproduced from a simple photograph!

tech newsWhat you missed in Tech News: December 22- December 26!

readmore  Did you notice that Apple patch that went out yesterday? It was historic!

readmore  Nuclear Power Plant in South Korea hacked. Blueprints released.

readmore   Recent JP Morgan data breach due to lack of two-factor authentication?

readmore   The Interview gets limited release on Christmas Day

readmore  Tor under attack AGAIN… but this time is bigger and badder. It could mean the end of Tor!

readmore  Our CEO’s thoughts on the Sony hack and overall problems with most networks.

readmore  Sony hit with 4th and 5th class action lawsuits!

readmore  North Korea’s internet is completely down. Coincidence?


What you missed in Tech News: December 15- December 19!

readmore  Update on the Staples breach: $1.16 Million cards compromised

readmore   12 Million home routers vulnerable to takeover by attackers!

readmore   Ars Technica on the Ars Technica hack!

readmore   FBI concludes that North Korean government was “centrally involved” in Sony Hack

readmore  Did Anonymous just hack in to Swedish government email accounts seeking revenge for Pirate Bay?

readmore  Milton Security is sponsoring SparkleCon, a fun security con in OC.

readmore  UC Berkeley Real Estate Division Servers Compromised. 1,600 Affected.

readmore  Lawsuits against Sony begin!

readmore  Malware actively exploiting Shellshock to hack NAS devices

readmore  Google blacklists 10,000 WordPress sites with SoakSoak  




Dec 14
What you missed in Tech News: December 8- December 12!

readmore  Iranian hackers attack Sands Casino in Las Vegas

readmore  Patch Tuesday: Check out the Microsoft and Adobe patches

readmore  Microsoft recalls a patch for Exchange Server

readmore  Viator data breach update! 1.4 million affected

readmore  Smartwatches proven to be extremely vulnerable

readmore  CHARGEAnywhere, a payment gateway, suffers a data breach.

readmore  Iowa driver’s licenses go digital! Will they be secure?

readmore   POODLE vulnerability affecting new TLS Protocals

readmore   Pirate Bay raided and taken down…for now.

readmore   Information on the Sony malware is released.

Dec 8
What you missed in Tech News: December 1- December 5!

readmore  Ruling that Target was negligent in data breach opens door to lawsuits from the affected financial institutions

readmore  Bebe confirms they’ve been breached via POS systems.

readmore  Film and television stars on alert after hackers hit the SAG-AFTRA payroll company

readmore  Microsoft releases Advanced Notification for next week’s Patch Tuesday

readmore  Stephen Hawking warns that Artificial Intelligence could spell disaster for humanity

readmore  Three vulnerabilities discovered in Paypal: could affect 156 million accounts 

readmore  Hackers from Iran have been infiltrating top companies for two years!

readmore   FBI sends Flash Warning about “particularly violent” malware to US businesses.

readmore   Malware installed on machines in 17 Parking Garages. Payment data may be affected

readmore   Aftermath of Sony hack: Multiple film screeners released online including “Fury” and “Annie”.





Dec 1What you missed in Tech News: November 24- November 29!

readmore  Siemens patches two critical vulnerabilities in WinCC

readmore  Beth Israel Medical Center to pay 100k to settle 2012 data breach case

readmore  Milton Security Group hits South East Asia with Halodata

readmore  Do NOT blindly trust security seals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

readmore  Adobe releases emergency patch after hackers exploit a vulnerability in Flash

readmore  Data breach hits Prince George’s schools: employee information may have been exposed. 

readmore  Home Depot facing 40+ lawsuits over data breach

readmore   Google releases unofficial app that weeds out malware

readmore   Operations at Sony Pictures Entertainment allegedly come to a halt following cyber attack

readmore   Craigslist website taken down attackers





Nov 23What you missed in Tech News: November 17- November 21!

readmore  New data stealing Trojan  arrives on the scene.

readmore  Derptrolling displays list of Playstation network, 2K Game studios and Windows Live creds!

readmore  Google releases security testing tool: Firing

readmore Russian website streams hacked live webcam footage

readmore  Upgrade to Android Lollipop yet? Previous versions found to be vulnerable.

readmore   Misdial Trap: Social Engineering scam hits financial institutions

readmore  New certificate authority, backed by EFF and Mozilla, wants to provide free SSL certs.

readmore   Microsoft releases emergency patch!

readmore   Anonymous outs KKK members after threats in Ferguson

readmore   New malware being served through Tor Network

What you missed in Tech News: November 10- November 14!

readmore   FCC responds to  AT&T’s claims that net neutrality laws could cause uncertainty in the market.

readmore  Is the Justice Department spying on us from airplanes? Basically, yes.

readmore  Iowa airport suffers data breach! Credit Cards compromised.

readmore  Microsoft buys Cloud Security company, Aorato for $200 million

readmore gets a security upgrade!

readmore   Postal union files charges against USPS with the National Labor Relations Board

readmore  Successful Cyber attacks made on NOAA. Fingers are pointing at China.

readmore   Is SpaceX planning to add internet service provider to its repertoire?

readmore   White House releases statement in favor of net neutrality

readmore   USPS is hacked! 800,00+ People may be affected!

Nov 10

What you missed in Tech News: November 3- November 7!

readmore   The NRF urges Congress to include banks in future data breach laws

readmore  Court allows HIPPA negligence claim. Are you compliant?

readmore  Palo Alto Networks discovers “new era” malware directed at Mac OS and iOS.

readmore  Major crackdown on Dark Web sites leads to 17 arrests!

readmore  Home Depot data breach details revealed: Attackers stole vendor credentials and gained “elevated rights”

readmore   Indiana Department of Education’s website is hacked… again.

readmore  Third and final  Pirate Bay founder arrested crossing the border from Laos to Thailand

readmore   Vulnerability discovered in Visa Contactless cards..but is it really exploitable?

readmore   Black Energy crimeware targets Linux Systems and Cisco routers

readmore   Critical Vulnerability  in Apple’s Yosemite grants root access without a password





Nov 3What you missed in Tech News: October 27 – October  31!

readmore   Are written policies still important?

readmore  Apple Pay competitor, MCX, reports hacked customer emails

readmore  Verizon uses Identifiers to Track All Customer Traffic

readmore  Pirate Bay founder found guilty of hacking CSC computers, faces possible 6 year sentence

readmore  Did you update to Drupal 7.32?

readmore   Hackers disrupt White House network connectivity. Russians?

readmore  FTC sues ATT for allegedly slowing down service of Unlimited customers

readmore   Is there a second Snowden leaking information from inside?

readmore  New security vulnerability announced in wget

readmore   On today’s episode of things-not-to-do-on-an-airplane: Naming your phone’s hotspot after a known terrorist network.





tech news

What you missed in Tech News: October 20 – October  24!

readmore  Jailbreak tool for Apple iOS 8 and 8.1 has arrived!

readmore  Warsaw Stock Exchange hacked. 30,000 usernames and passwords stolen

readmore  Kickstarter stops Anonabox contributions in wake of scandal

readmore  Google attempts to lower piracy by burying sites in their search engine

readmore  Staples investigates potential breach.

readmore   Are the rumors true? Did someone build a hoverboard?

readmore  Day 1 of Apple Pay  has some hiccups online

readmore   Palo Alto Networks Firewalls spring a leak!

readmore  Microsoft PowerPoint vulnerable to Zero Day attacks!

readmore   Google introduces USB security key for two-factor authentication





Tech NewsWhat you missed in Tech News: October 13 – October  17!

readmore  President Obama announces his plans to reduce credit card theft in the wake of major data breaches

readmore  Two men arrested in Houston are suspected of being involved with the Home Depot data breach

readmore  Marquette University informs Grad applicants of possible data breach

readmore  Facebook adds safety check: Let people know you’re safe after a major disaster.

readmore  Drupal patch is released for SQL injection flaw

readmore  Details of new  SSL vulnerability, POODLE, released by Google

readmore  Oregon Employment Department Find Security vulnerability. 850,000+ affected

readmore   Cyber espionage, Sandworm has been attacking for 5 years! Is the Russian government involved?

readmore  Another data breach alert! This time it’s Dairy Queen and Orange Julius.

readmore  Adding to the high number of casualties from data breaches these days is Kmart!





Tech news

What you missed in Tech News: October 6 – October  10!

readmore  Apple closes loophole that allowed for SNES emulator

readmore  Tyupkin Malware Found in ATMs Around the World

readmore  Bug Tracking Software, Bugzilla has…a Bug

readmore  Apple Gets Wormed by Reddit User

readmore  Was the JP Morgan breach just a breach, or international revenge?

readmore  Did you know that DefCon’s “SOHOpelessly Broken” hacking contest revealed 15 Zero Day vulnerabilities this year?

readmore  Adobe ebook reader sends you logs back in plain text. This might be illegal in New Jersey

readmore  Check out this breakdown of IPad Air 2 specs and rumors

readmore  Nation’s largest Bond Insurer MBIA hit by major data breach!

readmore  Twitter is suing the U.S. Government over disclosure restrictions on surveillance requests





tech news

What you missed in Tech News: September 29 – October  3!

readmore   Marriott fined $600,000 for blocking guest wi-fi

readmore  Microsoft Windows 10 is released

readmore  StealthGenie CEO arrested for spy software. What made the FBI target him?

readmore  JPMorgan is hit with 2nd security breach in 3 months!

readmore  POS system used in MANY restaurants releases list of affected stores. Did you visit any of them?

readmore   Jimmy Kimmel tops McAfee’s most dangerous celebrities to search online

readmore  Japan Airlines frequent fliers hit by security breach. Could affect up to 750,000 people

readmore  Albertsons and ilk get hit by a second security breach in just over one month

readmore  Masterlink turns 50!  Local Businesses show their support!

readmore  New version of Linux based OS Tails is Privacy focused

readmore  StrongBad and HomeStar Runner Return!





Tech news

What you missed in Tech News: September 22 – September 26!

readmore   Home Depot looking at at least 15 lawsuits so far!

readmore  Did you bend your iPhone 6? Apple may be open to replacing it!

readmore   FBI Director is concerned about smartphone encryption allowing “people to place themselves beyond the law”.

readmore  Popular Gourmet Sandwich Shop, Jimmy Johns hit by data breach.

readmore  New widespread vulnerability hits Linux, gets compared to Heartbleed: Shellshock!

readmore  Google’s Eric Schmidt denies Julian Assange’s assertions that Google collaborated with the NSA

readmore  JQuery site attacked and redirected to third-party site with hidden RIG exploit kit

readmore  Ever wondered how Pirate Bay keeps on going? Now we know!

readmore  Satirical article claiming Facebook will begin charging in November fools the masses

readmore  Sheplers Western Wear hit by data breach. Credit card information is compromised!




bigstock-Automotive ---- 68241949_Fotor_CollageWhat you missed in Tech News: August 25 – August 29!

readmore Cryptowall overtakes it’s predecessor in infection rates

readmoreMozilla leaves emails and passwords of Bugzilla testers wide open

readmore Apple updated privacy policy to protect healthcare data

readmore Malvertising on popular sites hits you with malware,without you even clicking on it.

readmore Microsoft releases fix for last month’s updates!

readmore Researchers discover a way to attack encryption codes just by touching a computer.

readmore 72% of South Korea’s web users hit with data breach via online gaming

readmore LAUSD cancels  iPad program

readmore NSA creates its own Surveillance Google.  Snowden releases more classified docs.

readmore Smartphone Apps found to be shockingly vulnerable. 92% hack success rate.




aug 18

What you missed in Tech News: August 18 – August 22!

readmore Facebook awards first Internet Defense Prize of $50,000!

readmore Samsung pays $2.3 million in settlement case with the U.S. Government.

readmore UPS hit by data breach! How could it have been prevented?

readmoreHackable Traffic Lights. Hackable Planes. When will security become a priority?

readmoreWhat happens to your digital assets when you die? That depends on what state you live in.

 readmoreEver wanted to track your spouse’s movements? Well, that’s questionable behavior, but use Google!

readmoreNuclear Regulatory Commission hacked twice in three years by foreign groups.

readmore Robin Williams’ “suicide note” dupes Facebook users.  

readmoreCommunity Health Systems hit by  data breach! 4.5 Million affected.

readmore Sharks eat internet cables, affecting the internet.





bigstock-Your-Card-is-Hacked-words-on-a-67220722_Fotor_CollageWhat you missed in Tech News: August 11 – August 15!

readmore  Microsoft considers renaming Internet Explorer  to escape bad rep.

readmore  Data Breaches at multiple supermarkets! Breach epidemic. 

readmore  Hackers turn gyroscope in smartphones in to permanently-on microphones.

readmore  Anonymous releases name of Ferguson officer. Police release different name, and say Anonymous got it wrong.

readmore  Russian Prime Minister’s Twitter hacked to say “I resign.” 

readmore  More Snowden claims are released. Is the US building a counterhack program?

readmore  Worldview-3 Satellite will take 25-cm res. photos, and made available to companies like Google and Microsoft 

readmore  “NSA proof” Blackpone rooted in 5 minutes at Blackhat and Defcon.

readmore  Parts of airplanes can be hacked, but breathe easy! The pilot system is closed. It can’t be hijacked! 

readmore  Microsoft Patch Tuesday is renamed “Update Tuesday”.Many vulnerabilities patched this month! 





tech news

What you missed in Tech News: August 4 -August 8!

readmore  Leaks of NSA docs lead Feds to wonder: Is there another Snowden?

readmore  Snowden granted a 3 year residence permit in Russia. 

readmore  Russian hackers steal over 1 Billion passwords & 500 million emails 

readmore  BYU student hacked in to school system to change grades. 

readmore  Rumor has it we’ll be seeing a new iPhone on Sept. 6

readmore  A look at how an airplane can be hacked  via in-flight wifi.

readmore  Are passwords a thing of the past? Check out the new options coming in! 

readmore  Facebook Messenger sneakily takes control of your phone.

readmore  Researchers reveal that USB peripherals are a major threat

readmore76,000 Mozilla usernames and passwords are accidentally leaked! 







What you missed in Tech News: July 28-August 1!

readmore  “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act” gets signed in to law!

readmore  Facebook goes down and users call 911!

readmore  Google catches child pornographer through email scanning. Does this justify email scanning?

readmore  Anonymous takes down Israel‘s government sites. Is this retribution for the death of a member? 

readmore  Fastest Route? How about the Scenic Route? New GPS options promise adventure!

readmore  Canada accuses China of being behind NRC breach

readmore  Russia requests that Apple turn over there source code after the backdoor vulnerability scandal

readmore  Republicans and Democrats get friendly over Cybersecurity! 3 bipartisan bills passed the House!

readmore  EFF accuses NSA of violating the unreasonable search and seizure amendment! 

readmore  China reveals motivations behind the Microsoft investigation. 




tech news

What you missed in Tech News: July 21-July 25!

readmore  July 25th was SysAdmin Day!

readmore  Are you liable for a data breach in your company? More and more, it’s looking that way!

readmore  Google drops $1B on game live-streaming company, Twitch

readmore  New malware hits the scene, and doesn’t require root access!

readmore  Company kept Internet Explorer Zero Day flaw under wraps until it became lucrative to expose it.

readmore  Wall Street Journal hit by data breach. Hacker puts up loot for sale!

readmore  Goodwill continues their investigation in to a possible data breach!

readmore  Zero Day vulnerability found in Tails Operating System

readmore  Grandmothers are MAJOR targets for hackers.

readmore  StubHub hit by a data breach. Love a wacky twist? They weren’t actually the ones breached!

readmore  OpenSSL releases its Beta 2 version!

readmore  New Search Engine, Indexeus, exposes hackers personal info!

readmore  The EFF releases a beta version of Privacy Badger, that protects you from third party trackers

readmore  Hidden functions leave over 600 million Apple products open to attack






July 14-18

What you missed in Tech News: July 14-July 18!

readmore  Milton Security Group releases “Don’t Click Shit” video

readmore  Bing joins Google in “Right to be forgotten” ruling. Begins taking requests.

readmore  If you’ve ever taken a nude photo..the NSA has seen it and probably rated it on a scale from 1-10.

readmore Network appliance giant, Cisco, found to have vulnerable appliances. How should we secure our devices going forward?

readmore Is Microsoft shutting down XBox Entertainment?

readmore  Microsoft slices and dices Nokia in an effort to streamline the integration of the two companies. 

readmore  WordPress plugin WPTouch found to be vulnerable 

readmore  Remember when the Gameover Botnet was taken out? Yeah…it’s back for Round 2!

readmore  Experts share their opinions on the future of the internet:hopes and fears

readmore  Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and more publicly express their support for Net Neutrality

readmore  Malware source code leaked. Budding blackhat hackers given more ammo. 





Tech News

What you missed in Tech News: July 7-July 11!

readmore  Patch Friday?  Microsoft releases Emergency Patches

readmore  Chinese Hackers breach US government employee files. Are we looking at a cyber war?

readmore  Facebook takes on Greek hackers and wins!

readmore  US and Russian relations take another hit when US arrests Russian MP’s son, and the Russians call foul

readmore  More files from Snowden are released. Is it okay for the NSA to keep private info on non-suspects?

readmore  Zuckerberg shines a light on the parts of the world who don’t have access to the internet

readmore  New study suggests that you need to scare your employees in to cyber security compliance. Sad, but true. 

readmore  Energy companies attacked by Cyber-espionage group, Dragonfly

readmore  Flaw leaking private documents found in Google Drive…again. 

readmore  Studies show that Apple is the preferred machine at work. Are you surprised?! 





june 30

What did you miss in Tech News: June 30-July 4?

readmore  The ‪‎EFF‬ has brought a lawsuit against the ‪NSA‬ – What does this mean?

readmore  Microsoft boosts encryption for multiple apps

readmore  FBI warns of spreading email scam. Here’s what to look for, and what to do about it! 

readmore  Paypal freezes $275,000 in crowdfunds, demands proof of government approval of encrypted email service, Protonmail 

readmore  Milton Security becomes Stellar Sponsor for Bsides Las Vegas! We are proud to support such an awesome project!

readmore  Popular POS System hit with data breach 

readmore  Google patches privacy flaw in Google Drive 

readmore  Another day, another WordPress vulnerability. Here’s how to patch it! 

readmore  Android Malware leads to major banking threat

readmore  New Trojan attack to be on the lookout for. This one will use your computer like a bot to spread it’s disease! 






Tech News

What did you miss in Tech News: June 30-July 4?

readmore  The ‪‎EFF‬ has brought a lawsuit against the ‪NSA‬ – What does this mean?

readmore  Microsoft boosts encryption for multiple apps

readmore  FBI warns of spreading email scam. Here’s what to look for, and what to do about it! 

readmore  Paypal freezes $275,000 in crowdfunds, demands proof of government approval of encrypted email service, Protonmail 

readmore  Milton Security becomes Stellar Sponsor for Bsides Las Vegas! We are proud to support such an awesome project!

readmore  Popular POS System hit with data breach 

readmore  Google patches privacy flaw in Google Drive 

readmore  Another day, another WordPress vulnerability. Here’s how to patch it! 

readmore  Android Malware leads to major banking threat

readmore  New Trojan attack to be on the lookout for. This one will use your computer like a bot to spread it’s disease!