Facebook switches from Flash to HTML5

Facebook has announced that it has stopped using Adobe’s Flash as the video player for their social network.

Flash is still being used on websites?  Yes, but probably not for long.

Facebook has developed their own video player, which is built around the Steve Jobs favorite, HTML5 technology.

There is an exception:  Games on Facebook are still utilizing Flash, but Facebook is working on moving away from it there too.

Facebook’s official reason for moving from Flash to HTML 5 is that “moving to HTML5 best enables us to continue to innovate quickly and at scale, given Facebook’s large size and complex needs”, according to a post on their network.   Plus, HTML5 works better with screen readers by people who can’t see very well.

Facebook has been a little slower in the switch that some other companie, like YouTube and

“However, in practice we noticed that a lot of the older browsers would simply perform worse using the HTML5 player than they had with the old Flash player. We saw more errors, longer loading times, and a generally worse experience,” Their post reads.  “We decided to initially launch the HTML5 player to only a small set of browsers, and continuously roll out to more browsers, versions, and operating systems as we improved it and fixed small bugs. That’s why we waited until recently to ship the HTML5 player to all browsers by default, with the exception of a small set of them.”


Flash has been developing a bad rep of its own lately, as a plugin with a security problem. They’ve been plagued by vulnerabilities for years, including the recent vulnerability revealed in the Hacking Team hack.  Flash is used regularly to spread malware in what is commonly referred to as malvertising. Many companies, including Mozilla, have been threatening to ban Flash in its entirety.

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