Pearson VUE suffers data breach

Pearson VUE’s Credential Manager System  has been breached.

Pearson announced this past weekend that the system, which is used by Cisco, had malware placed on it by an unauthorized third party.  The third party also accessed the information of some of the Credential Manager System’s users.

Pearson believes that the breach only affected Pearson VUE’s Credential Manager System, and that no other systems were compromised.

“We are still assessing the scope of the specific data elements involved,” Pearson said in a statement. “As of now, we do not believe that U.S. Social Security numbers or full payment card information were affected by this issue. Because the Credential Manager System is custom designed to fit specific customer requirements, we are working to understand how this issue may have affected each of our customers.”

Pearson says that they are working with law enforcement officials and third-party forensic experts(Cisco, maybe?) to investigate the situation.

“Customer privacy is a top priority for us and we take this responsibility very seriously,” Pearson said. “For the time being, the Pearson VUE PCM System remains offline. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cisco also posted a statement on their website:

Pearson VUE has notified users that an unauthorized third party placed malware on their Credential Manager System, which supports this Cisco Certifications Tracking System. As the investigation into this incident is still ongoing, the Cisco Certifications Tracking System will remain down until further notice. Testing for Cisco Certifications is able to continue. Please contact Pearson VUE if you have future questions about the incident at 1 855-270-9182 or 1 512-201-2203 for international callers.


For information on how you can prevent your organization from being breached, visit or call 714-515-4011.


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