Apple and Google remove app for copying login info

A new app, InstaAgent, that claimed to show people who had been viewing their Instagram profiles, has been pulled from Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

The creator of the app, Turker Bayram, is now apologizing profusely for what he calls a “terrible mistake”.  The app was copying users’ names and passwords, but Bayram claims that he did not save any of it.

InstaAgent was at the top of the free app charts, likely downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people looking to discover who was paying attention to their profiles, before it taken out of the app stores.

German iOS developer, David Layer-Riess, posted tweets on Tuesday with proof that InstaAgent was copying Instagram user’s names and passwords, and posting ads for InstaAgent on their profiles.

Bayram posted a statement online that basically explaining that all his app was doing was analyzing Instagram likes and comments and determining who was looking at your profile most. He added that they had been working on a new feature, that would allow users to gain access to a full list of viewers if they posted an ad on their profile, however he claims there was a glitch and ads started posting even though the feature had not been activated. He also insisted that no usernames and passwords were saved.

“Please be relax. Nobody account is not stolen. Your password never saved unauthorized servers. There is nothing wrong. But again and again we apologize from our precious users,” he wrote, “Main training in this project for us and other developers, we must full develop with full controlled and full tested before publish an application and first of all we must read service providers policies carefully.”

If you have InstaAgent on your phone, we highly suggest you delete it ASAP.


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