First National Bank Announces Data Breach, Just Not Their Own

The First National Bank of Omaha is reissuing debit cards after a third-party data breach.  They just aren’t saying whose breach it was.

“We recently issued new debit cards across our seven-state service area to customers whose cards may have been compromised through a nationwide breach that has not yet been announced,” First National spokesperson Kevin Langin told The World-Herald.

According to the bank, they themselves have not been compromised, but their debit cards were caught up in this yet-to-be named company’s data breach.  The bank is currently not saying how many cards have been compromised.

The company mailed a letter to the affected customers, which The World-Herald managed to get a hold of.

“As a result of our reviews we have learned that potential exposure by a third party not associated with First National Bank may have caused your debit card to be at risk for possible unauthorized use or fraudulent activity,” the letter reads, according to The World-Herald.

The company that was breached has contacted law enforcement officials, and an investigation is underway.  First National Bank wanted to reissue the cards now, instead of waiting for the breach to be announced, so that customers wouldn’t be affected during the holiday shopping season.

According to their website, First National Bank has locations in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, South Dakota, and Texas.  They also have $19 billion in managed assets, and almost 5,000 employees.  Even though First National Bank is the first to go public with this, we can expect that other banks have been affected as well.  This breach could spread across more than just those seven states.  

First National Bank has announced plans to move to a chip and pin cards next year, known to be more secure than the current strip cards.

For information on how you can prevent your organization from being breached, visit or call 714-515-4011.



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