Microsoft Accidentally Publishes a Test Update


Microsoft has confirmed that the super suspicious “important” update that was pushed out around the world early Wednesday morning was in fact a test that went wrong.

According to a spokesperson for the company, Microsoft accidentally published a test update, but is now working on removing it.

The odd update caused quite a stir in social media and Microsoft forums this morning.  Many assumed that the Microsoft Update service had been compromised somehow.  

The patch was 4.3MB, and was labeled as a Windows language update, but its name, description and other text pieces, including suspicious links, all appeared to be gibberish.

The update popped up on Windows 7 systems, including Windows 7 Pro and Windows 7 Enterprise, only.

Though most updates failed to install, some people were claiming that the update had damaged their computer systems.

“[My] laptop was screwed after the update,” said one user on the Microsoft Community Forum, “windows explorer crashes.”

Most users just appeared to be raising the alarm that something was amiss.  Hopefully, following Microsoft’s admission that it was a mistake on their part and not some sort of malicious plot or Update Service takeover, the world can rest easy.

Microsoft has not released any further information on the subject.


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