Polish Airline Shut Down For a Few Hours by Hackers

Polish airline, LOT, was forced to cancel multiple flights Sunday after hackers attacked, and successfully froze, their computer network.

Flights to Munich, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, and Stockholm were all cancelled after the airline discovered that they could not process passengers, or create flight plans at Warsaw’s Frederic Chopin airport on Sunday afternoon.

“LOT encountered an IT attack that affected our ground operation systems. As a result we’re not able to create flight plans, and outbound flights from Warsaw are not able to depart,” the airline said in a statement online.

Airline spokesperson, Adrian Kubicki told CBS that 1,400 passengers were affected by the unexpected cancellations.  The problem was resolved by 8pm that evening, and Kubicki was quick to note that no onboard computers were affected.  The attack was focused on email accounts, and web access in their ground offices.  Airplanes that were already in flight, or already had logged flight plans were able to takeoff and land as scheduled.  An investigation has been launched in to the attack.

Airplane hacking has been a heavily debated subject recently, following two different Defcon presenters, one of which talked about how it was possible to hack planes and one who claimed it wasn’t, and of course the recent revelations of Chris Roberts claiming that he did in fact hack an airplane.  Many airlines and passengers have been on edge.

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