Popular POS System Breached

Information Systems & Supplies, Inc., a popular point-of-sale system vendor, was breached by a remote-access attack.  While the affected number of customers is currently unknown, we do know that popular restaurant chains Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Taco Time, and more are at risk.

Information Systems & Supplies Inc. sent a letter to their customers informing them that they “recently discovered that [their] Log-Me-In account was breached on February 28, March 5, and April 18, 2014.  [They] have reason to believe that the data accessed could include credit card information from any cards used by customers between these dates.”  All Log-Me-In credentials have been updated and extra measures have been taken to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.  The company is running virus protection/detection at every site that utilizes their system.

Log-Me-In is a remote access and systems management software that allows a company like Information Systems and Supplies Inc to log in to any restaurants POS system, for backup and file sharing purposes.

The President of Information Systems & Supplies Inc., Thomas Potter, believes that his company’s credentials were obtained through a phishing attack, which is when someone masquerades as a trusted entity through an email or other such communication.  Mr. Potter urges any customer who is concerned that their information may have been compromised to contact their financial institution and put an alert on their account.

This data breach is just the most recent in a rash of devastating attacks on  retailers and restaurants, including Target, PF Chang’s, Michaels, Neiman Marcus, and Sally Beauty Supply.  It is more important than ever that individuals and companies alike educate themselves on the world of Information Security, before the damage hits closer to home.

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