Milton Security Celebrates 7 Years of Network Security Excellence!

Seven years. Time sure does fly by.

Seven years ago, with the support of my wife, Gosia, I took a gamble and decided it was time to start out on my own. Of course starting something from scratch can have a lot more downs than ups (and I had more than enough ‘downs’ in the first few months).  At times I had to make sure we didn’t take on more than we could effectively handle. Within the first 12 months, we moved out of the home office into a small office, then subsequently moved 2 more times, all within 12 months. Over the course of these 7 years, we have moved and expanded 10 times (thats a lot of moving!) Each time it was due to customer growth and retention. (side note : We love the city of Fullerton, and have tried our hardest to stay within the city the whole 7 years). Along the way, we have tried our best to also give back to the Security community through efforts like Security BSides, sponsoring people to go to conferences, hosting Hackathons, and direct donations.

All of our growth has been organic. To this day we have had no outside investors, and no debt (which is a double edge sword of course).

These past seven years have truly gone by fast. I have a core team that I can truly depend on and trust here at Milton Security Group. One that I can call family. I look forward to the next seven years, finding new customers that we can make part of the Milton family and helping them.

Thank you to everyone who has cheered us on (silently or loudly) !


Side note; over the years we been asked a lot about our company name. Here is the real story:

I have a large family tree that was done in the mid 1980s by my Aunt. Hanging on the wall in the stairway at my home, is her hand drawn calligraphy family tree, showing my family’s genealogy all the way back to the early 1700’s when my ancestors came to the Colonies. In each of the generations, there was a child either with the first or middle name of Milton. My Father and brother had the middle name of Milton, but both died many years ago. My Father was deeply intertwined with  Silicon Valley, starting with and staying at Fairchild Semiconductor in the early 1960s, working until the day Cancer took him some 43 years later. This was a way to have that name live longer.  A legacy, if you will.


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