From China with Love

We’ve all seen spy flicks where the good spy discovers how the bad spys plan to take over the world. The characters and situations are contrived and often fantastical. Or are they?

In the world of real-life espionage, there are all sorts of amazing things that are done to obtain intelligence. These days the frontier for such exploits is the internet, in all its variations. Packet injection, spoofing, and slurping are all ways hackers use to try and infiltrate your network.

A rather interesting example of this was recently covered by the Register. It involved Russian authorities claiming that household appliances that were imported from China contained embedded systems with WiFi designed to seek out open networks and use them for malware distribution as well as spam.

While most people may not have Chinese Spy Kettles in their midst, the idea does raise the issue of how you need to be aware of not just the existence of a user, but the idea of what they are doing and where they are connecting inside your network. Continuous monitoring of endpoint traffic is really the only way that you can achieve that.

Seeing patterns and observing behaviors with an adaptive rule-based system like the Milton Edge is an easy way you can rapidly detect and alleviate such threats. Packet injection attacks where a hacker attempts to modify network traffic are easily detected as is malware that a malicious user might try and add to your different systems.

With BYOD devices like phones possessing amazing capabilities for network-based operation, it’s easy to forget that much cheaper, ubiquitous embedded systems weighing only a few grams can easily be added within a WiFi’s range, presenting a security threat that is difficult to detect without continuous traffic monitoring.

The incredible technology inside of Milton’s Adaptive Network Access Control solutions can help you find and stop spying kettles, irons or even the more urbane malicious hacker trying to infiltrate your network. Give us a call today for more details:

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