The Next Big Thing

Last week, Gene Marks, a writer for the NY Times and Forbes, wrote an interesting article about what he thought the next 5 big technologies in business would be.  Gene’s prognostications were based on his own experiences in technology consulting with large companies. The technologies Marks highlighted were based more on practicality and solutions to serious existing problems rather than a lot of the blue-sky things you read about involving 3D printing or flying cars.

Easy Integration” was the first technology on Marks’ list. The key idea here is maintaining simplicity of the information infrastructure among the myriad databases within an organization. Such infrastructures often grow organically, being added as an organization grows. Unfortunately, over time, the databases behind web services, CRM and other systems become disjoint and require customization to maintain.  Network infrastructures can also suffer this fate, having to integrate security for an ever-evolving set of requirements.

The second technology was “Fast and secure mobile”. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Portable Internet devices are great for users, but they present a massive headache for IT departments. Marks indicated that most companies don’t have a BYOD Policy and often haven’t even considered one. Even worse, half of those companies provide BYODs directly to their employees! The choices for these devices are diverse as well – spanning Apple, Google and Microsoft as suppliers, each with its own set of capabilities and potential threats.

For a company to realize the benefits provided by BYOD, Marks pointed out that speed and security were of paramount importance. The dichotomy of a company providing a capability but not having an easy way to integrate it into its IT infrastructure also highlighted the “Easy Integration” issue mentioned earlier.

Fortunately, Milton’s Adaptive Network Access Control Solutions solve all these problems for BYOD situations. Infrastructure simplicity is maintained via very easy integration into a company’s IT systems. A single Milton box can give administrators control of all BYOD traffic and policies. Performance is not impacted as the Milton box is designed to operate with minimal interference to BYOD traffic.

Best of all, Milton’s Adaptive Network Access is easy to configure and maintain. Blanket policies can be set for BYOD traffic that keep new devices that are added from taking advantage of device-specific traits. Everything is monitored at the packet level, so seeing the topology of an organization’s traffic between endpoints is easy.

Milton Adaptive Network Access technology is truly what companies are asking for. Contact your local representative at and see what we have to offer. You’ll be glad you did!

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