The Weakest Link In Your Network

As any security professional will tell you, the weakest link in any network is the user accessing it. The old “pick a safe password” advice is great if you are securing a network from unauthorized users, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t help if the user is either a malicious user who has gained access to the password or if that user is connecting with a compromised device.

To review, let’s look at the process most IT admins use to protect their networks:

1)   Identification – Review credentials

2)   Authentication – Validate credentials as genuine

3)   Authorization – Permission is granted to access network

At the end of this process, the user has full, unfettered access to the network.

The problem with this approach is that it does not do anything after authentication completes. If a user has gained access to the network via subterfuge (stolen passwords, preauthorized devices, etc.) the aforementioned process cannot protect the network.

At Milton, we have a different approach to protection. We call it “Adaptive Network Access Control”.  Rather than just providing access after authorization, the Milton approach monitors and remediates connections to endpoints even after access to them has been granted.

Our process consists of the following steps:

1)   Identification – Review credentials.

2)   Authentication – Validate credentials as genuine.

3)   Authorization – Permission is granted to access network.

4)   Health – End node is screened for compliance

5)   Remediation – End node can be remediated by user

6)   Access – Rights are given to access specific resources

7)   Ongoing Inspection – Traffic is inspected and matched against filters and rules. Threats from non-compliant endpoints are quarantined

Using the Milton Edge security device, you can exercise absolute control over your network even if an endpoint is compromised. The Edge device searches for patterns in your network traffic in real-time and can act on any illicit patterns it finds based on policies you set. Default policies for entire categories of access types can be set, giving you the peace of mind that nothing is missed and your network stays secure.

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