Operative Drunk Dagger

The network was a little more noisy than usual at BrandName today but no one would have been the wiser. Rick Knowland made sure there were plenty of distractions to keep the attention away from his iMac spewing all his evil bits over all the nodes throughout BrandName.

With his elevated domain privilege levels he was able to remotely restart services that relied on specific timing for events to take place. Unfortunately the cobbled infrastructure looked like a steampunk system of screws and gears with missing teeth that chugged through the day triggering services here and there that ultimately ran the system throughout BrandName; some of the gears took minutes to trigger other gears took hours before returning back to trigger again; fundamentally the entire process was a series of happy-path loops.

Within those leaps of time he had kludged a script that would dump a few gigs of info from these processes into his cluster of dropbox accounts. He had been modding the script to only scan for deltas, then cache them in the cluster and once he had a solid gig of data it would trigger a secondary script that would compress and encrypt the content and move it to another account on the cluster. Over his eight months of rolling this process he had accumulated over a TB of unique PII which accounted for over 165,000 entities.

Anytime any of these entities was updated with new information another snapshot would be taken and updated to the cluster – not just overwriting the data but adding a historical trail of the deltas. Rick optimized his recon scripts so he was nearly mirroring the data; the lag in fact was due to the system he was copying from and not his scripts. He thought about making the infrastructure a little more stable and efficient but figured that wasn’t his assignment even though it’d allow his data exfiltration to be all the more sweeter.

To his handlers Rick was known as Operative Drunk Dagger or ODD for short. His specialties were systemic infiltration and date exfiltration. His favorite technique to get the privileges he needed was to use targeted spear fishing to own his target’s credentials. It worked quite well internally. He made sure his tracks were covered at all times often pretending to be absent minded and bobble headed and super busy all the time. He always worked top down through the org chart and it worked like a charm, no one would expect their boss to inadvertently pwn their subordinates. At least that’s what he set it up to look like to any forensics specialist trying to track him (or the alleged attacker).

In this scenario Rick’s activities appear transparent to the naked eye. Technology isn’t like it used to be – thank goodness. With the latest in ANAC technology that Milton Security Group offers Rick would have been shunted at the source and all eyeballs would have been on him. This double agent involved in corporate espionage wouldn’t last long enough to cause such irreparable damage. Do you know what your employees are doing all hours of the day and even night?

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